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Industrial Paint Manufacturers & Suppliers in UK

We provide the highest quality paint at very competitive prices. We are an industrial manufacturer of paint so can offer a much wider range than other suppliers. Our paint comes directly from the factory so you can cut out the middle man and be reassured that your product is quality. We value each and every one of our customers and do everything within our power to provide you with an efficient, friendly, quality service. By selling at the most competitive prices online, providing discounts and product reviews, we aspire to not only meet but exceed your expectations. This is also reflected in our additional colour charts, specialist products and manufacturing facilities which can be used create bespoke colours.

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What Are The Main Differences Between Floor & Wall Paint?

28th October 2019

Despite their close similarities in composition, floor and wall paint aren't simply interchangeable. They're made to specific standards and for certain reasons. Trying to use one type to coat the wrong surface may result in unexpected problems further on in…

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Case Study: Learn2Live Sensory Garden

24th September 2019

Our paint has a reputation for hard-wearing industrial use. It can be found in no-nonsense environments, where function comes first and decorative value is – at best – a secondary consideration. Such places commonly include warehouse and workshop floors, factories,…

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Why Can't I Just Use Standard Paint On Concrete?

16th September 2019

Painted concrete? These days, it's not as silly it sounds. Previously, paint on concrete was synonymous with tacky, chipped designs, failed applications, and DIY disasters. However, most failures to paint concrete result from improper priming, application, or paint choice. With…

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