How Long Does Bitumen Paint Last Before Repainting?

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If you’re thinking about painting with bitumen, stop in your tracks and read this handy guide first. You may be wondering ‘how long does bitumen paint last’, and the answer is: between three and fifteen years.

In this article, we’ll discuss these three crucial points:

  • How long does bitumen paint last?
  • What paint will cover bitumen?
  • How to remove bitumen paint

How Long Does Bitumen Paint Last?

Bitumen typically lasts between three and fifteen years, but it depends on the primer, sealant, amount of coats and quality of paint you use. Standard paint doesn’t last anywhere near as professional paint, but luckily for you, bitumen is a staple in the paint industry, so it won’t be hard to find.

Boats and roofs are popular applications for bitumen. While boats require repainting every three to four years, roofing requires recoating every two to three years. However, bitumen can last several years when painted on porous surfaces, such as masonry.

What Paint Will Cover Bitumen?

Once your bitumen paint has started to break and lose its colour, it’s time to replace it. You can either repaint the surface with bitumen or remove it. However, bitumen paint is prone to bleeding through surfaces. Even with several costs of professional-quality paint, you may still see the bitumen peeking through.

When attempting to paint over bitumen, we recommend using a strong primer to prepare the surface for the new paint. Before applying the primer or any paint, ensure you are working in dry conditions.

There are paints that can cover bitumen, though limited, such as aluminium and water-based paints. You may also find some manufacturers sell paint specifically to cover tough products, including bitumen.

How to Remove Bitumen Paint

You may require a specific bitumen remover if you can’t find paint to cover it. Depending on the product, the typical instructions may include:

  • Apply product to bitumen with brush or spray gun
  • Allow the bitumen paint to absorb the product
  • Use a water jet to remove both products
  • Apply a sealant to stop any leftover bitumen bleeding through

If you can’t find a bitumen-specific remover, you may be able to use a paint stripper, paint brush cleaner or uPVC cleaner to get rid of large areas. However, solvents can cause the bitumen paint to sink deeper into the application.

To remove small pieces, a wire brush, knife or scraper may be of use.

Long-Lasting Bitumen Paint at TA Paints

With this article, there’s no more asking, ‘how long does bitumen paint last’. While this product may be a little more difficult to remove than others, it has exceptional properties unmatched by any other paint.

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