Bitumen Paint

Premium Quality A Grade Bitumastic Coating

  • A grade Premium Quality Waterproofing Bitumen
  • Application By Brush Roller & Suitable Spray
  • Fast Dry Time In as Little as 2-4 Hours Touch Dry
  • Suitable For Metal, Wood, Concrete, Stone & Brick
  • Multi-Buy Discounts
  • Free Delivery Available

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This product is not suitable for the following
  • Tiles of any sort
  • Unprimed plastic
  • Bare aluminium (you will need a suitable etch primer)
  • Untreated galvanised steel (Mordant solution first)
  • A hot surface that reaches above 106 degrees (C) (you will need high temperature paints)

The colours shown on the images are for guidance only. The displayed colour will depend on your monitor and browsers. The finished colour therefore may not be as shown here.

All pictures are for illustration purpose only - 1 & 2.5 Litre cans are not screen-printed cans.



Black Bitumen Paint

This is a premium grade A black bitumen paint.

Black Bitumen paint for concrete dries to a matt black finish which protects against water and other degradation. It’s ideal for damp-proofing concrete foundations and any below-ground or water materials.

Bitumen paint for concrete is a solvent-based paint and is easy to apply with a brush or sprayer. This versatile product is also suitable for timber, masonry and metal.

Black Bitumen paint forms an odourless and taint free black film when dry and is described as a solvent based, full bodied black bituminous paint, which is suitable for the protection of metals, concrete roofing, felt fibre cement, corrugated iron, asphalt, and wood against water attack

  • Can be brushed, roller or spray applied
  • Extremely waterproof with a non taint finish. When dry, forms an odourless and taint free black film that is resistant to most salt solutions, dilute acids and alkalis, water and alcohol
  • High bitumastic protective coating
  • High water protection to wood, timber, concrete & metal
  • Covers Approx. 8 - 10 square metres per litre (this does not account for the method of application, absorption of substrate or wastage)
  • Touch Dry 2-4 hours
  • Over coat 12-24 hours
  • Full properties 7 days
  • Multi Application Grade A suitable for marine boat hull blacking cladding fence posts gates railings getters downpipes storage tanks corrugated iron sheets felt metal wood timber concrete and many more
  • Suitable thinners T0001 White Spirit
  • tins supplied will be similar to that shown above, manufactured and branded by our parent company B.C Paints Ltd, 1 & 2.5 litre cans are only ever supplied in plain white cans.

Always stir paint well prior to using

Make sure you use a broom stick, mixer on a slow running drill or pallet knife to mix and mixing should take place for 3-5 mins to ensure all the content is properly mixed together to avoid colour and or drying problems.

As our coatings are heavily pigmented separation can easily occur and you can have colour float, for example a green paint can seem blue before mixing, this is one of the reasons mixing your paint before use is essential.


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Quantities are approximates per coat, we cannot allow for wastage and or any absorption that may occur with porous substrates.

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Quantities are approximates per coat, we cannot allow for wastage and or any absorption that may occur with porous substrates.

Additional Information

Bitumen Paints

Bitumen paint is a thick solvent-based liquid famed for its black colouring and excellent protective properties. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, predominantly as a protective coating for buildings and structures made from timber, steel, iron and concrete.

Bitumen paint is used as an anti-corrosive and weatherproof coating when you need a cost-effective solution. Commonly associated with roofing as a weatherproof overcoating for flat roofs, it has many more applications due to its versatility and amazing adhesive properties.

What is Bitumen Paint?

Bitumen paint is an anti-corrosive and protective waterproof membrane used to coat various surfaces. From iron and steel to timber and concrete, black bitumen paint’s many suitable applications include:

Bitumen paint forms an odourless and taint-free black film when dry, providing high levels of protection from water damage like rot and the adverse effects of corrosion. It is ideal when you need a cost-effective solution to these common problems.

What is Bitumen Paint used for?

Famed for its weatherproofing, corrosion resistance and adhesive properties, bitumen paint can be used on most surfaces as long as they are clean and dry. It adheres incredibly well to smooth and rough surfaces whether they’re impermeable or porous.

Put simply, it is used as a protective coating for buildings, structures and more. It’s frequently used on guttering, fences and flat roofs as a protective waterproof layer. Similarly, in the marine industry, bitumen paint is also commonly used on boat hulls to keep them watertight.

The uses of bitumen are seemingly endless but we’ll highlight a few below:

The Benefits of Painting with Bitumen

So, what does black bitumen paint have to offer?

It provides UV resistance to prevent surfaces from deteriorating as a result of exposure to the sun. It has amazing waterproof properties that protect surfaces from oxidation, rot and mould. It also dries in roughly 2-4 hours but we always recommend waiting at least 12 hours or overnight for the second coat to dry completely.

Ultimately, it can prolong the life of your surfaces and last for up to 15 years depending on the quality of the paint and the surface it is painted on. For example, the paint will last the longest on porous surfaces like wood.

In short, bitumen paint provides:

  • UV protection
  • Waterproofing
  • Fast drying time
  • Longevity

How to use Bitumen Paint

Black Bitumen Paint adheres well to most surfaces and is easy to apply using a brush or sprayer. A thorough application helps to extend the lifespan of your surface by protecting it against weathering and corrosion.

As with all paints and coatings, their adhesion and performance relies heavily on preparation. Preparation for bitumen paints should always include ensuring that the surface is clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, rust and dust before you begin painting.

Where to Buy Bitumen Paints

Bitumen paints repel water and prevent moisture from contacting vulnerable surfaces. At TA Paints, we pride ourselves on testing, developing, and manufacturing paint to the highest industry standards. We provide the highest quality paint at competitive prices.

Shop our range of bitumen paint today and transform your shed or barn, or protect your fence or wooden posts with long-lasting water-resistant protection.

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