What Are the Best Paints for Industrial Machinery?

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Industrial equipment and machinery are exposed to several destructive elements such as chemicals and heat. It is, therefore, necessary that you choose the right paint coatings to protect your equipment as well as beautify it. Some of the best paints are:

Metal Paint Enamel

Metal preservative paints offer a protective film that has excellent adhesion and weathering properties. If you need a single coat paint, then choose semi-gloss as this has anti-corrosive additives. Metal enamel paints provide superior resistance to petrochemical spills such as paraffin, oils, and petrol. This class of paints are compatible with brush, roller, and spray applications. They are suitable for workshop facings and machinery storage components.

Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer

Zinc phosphate primers offers high anti-corrosive properties for steel surfaces. You can apply it on cleaned and degreased steel as well as both unprimed and primed surfaces. Zinc phosphate primer can be supplied in both quick drying (spray application) and a slower drying for brush and roller application.

Black Bitumen Paint

Bitumen based paints are waterproof and easy to apply. They are commonly used on immersion equipment such as hull backing for canal cruisers and narrowboats. Black bitumen is also a general-purpose waterproofing coating for iron, steel, and concrete. As a solvent-based paint, black bitumen coating is taint free and odourless. It is suitable for spray, roller, and brush application.

Polyurethane Enamel Gloss Paint

Polyurethane enamel gloss is a two-in-one paint suitable for machine parts that require high chemical resistance and high gloss. It has exceptional UV resistance. These paints are ideal for metal, wood, concrete, and other suitably primed substrates. The paint is available in matt, semi-gloss, and high gloss variations. The matt and semi-gloss coatings have anti-corrosive additives that make them excellent for a one-coat finish to mild steel substrates. Polyurethane enamel gloss paints are suitable for spraying and brushing application.

Two Pack Epoxy Primers and Top Coats

Epoxy primers and top coats offer the best protection against the elements and harsh environments. Industrial machinery that is used in a costal environment would typically be painted is Two Pack Zinc Rich Primer then Two Pack Epoxy MIO and then Two Pack Epoxy Top coat. Although epoxies offer the best protection when used external with the UV exposure will cause the colour to chalk and fade.

The Right Paint For The Right Purpose

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Image Source: Unsplash