The 6 Most Popular Paint Colours of 2024

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The New Year celebrations are finally over and now it’s time to get back into daily life. If you are looking for a fresh start with a splash of paint, our predictions for 2024’s most popular paint colours are finally ready. Will you keep your home black and white for a minimalistic vibe or brighten your workplace with earthy tones?

The 6 Most Popular Paint Colours:

We understand everyone has different tastes, which is why we ensure a colour for everyone. While some match their interior to their personality or brand, others may have different aims. Perhaps you want to choose a specific colour to create a theme, emphasise a feeling or draw attention to products (or a display)?

Which one will be your favourite? Our six trending paint colours are:

1. Brown Tone-on-Tones (08 C 37)

Brown can be a boring colour by itself, but layering the different shades together can create a comfortable atmosphere without it being too dark. But don’t be fooled as brown isn’t actually bland—many of its shades also contain blue, orange and beige hues.

2. Earthy and Nature-Inspired Hues (12 E 51)

There is nothing more calming than being surrounded by nature. With COVID-19 slowly regressing, many of us have discovered what we’ve missed, from morning walks through the woods to relaxing on the beach on your day off.

3. Timeless Black and White (9016 and 9017)

While technically shades, black and white are truly ageless. Whether you endeavour to have a peaceful atmosphere with a dash of elegance for your home, or a professional environment for your business, you can’t go wrong with these options.

4. Blossoming Pinks (3015)

If we have learned anything from the post Barbiecore haze, all tones of pink are in style. In fact, we think this will be the world’s most trending paint colour throughout 2024. From hot pink to cherry blossoms, there’s a shade to suit everyone. 

5. Subtle Blues (112)

Perhaps the most trending interior colour of them all, blue is a classic option that will suit any image. A YouGov survey from 2015 confirmed blue is the world’s favourite colour—across all continents! And we don’t think much has changed since…

6. Moody Forestcore (538)

With fashion becoming more enigmatic as the years go by, we’re starting to see a mix of preppy, yet vintage themes, such as academia, Y2K and forestcore. They not only combine dark greens, but vibrant oranges and reds, and soft greys.

Choose From the Most Popular Paint Colours at TA Paints

Have you found some inspiration from our 2024 colour guide? Whether you are drawn in by the mysterious forestcore or want to reinvent your space with peppy pinks, you will find your perfect shade on our RAL chart.

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