Different Uses for Black Bitumen

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Black bitumen is an incredibly durable and protective type of paint commonly used on building materials made of metal. However, the scope of use for bituminous paint is far broader than simply metal surfaces. In this article, we’ll discuss the various uses of black bitumen, its properties, what it’s made of, and its ease of application. 

What is Bituminous Paint?

Bituminous paint is an anti-corrosive and waterproof protective membrane used to coat various surfaces. From iron and steel to timber and concrete. black bitumen is made of pitch, asphaltum or coumarone resin and is combined with heat-treated oils and solvents. The combination of these ingredients encourages a reaction that creates medium-viscosity bituminous paint.

Is Black Bitumen Easy to Apply?

black bitumen paint is easy to apply if you follow the correct course of preparation beforehand. If your surfaces are dirty before painting, you’ll discover that the paint doesn’t adhere correctly and will deteriorate quickly. Dirt, rust, grease, and other contaminants that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned away will cause the black bitumen to resist adhesion. So it’s vital to ensure as much dirt is removed as possible before painting. 

Black bitumen is a liquid with a similar consistency to ordinary paint. Thus, a simple roller, brush, or sprayer will be suitable for applying bituminous paint. We recommend you use a sprayer to achieve an even coat if you’re painting a large surface area and to always wear PPE when using bituminous paint. 

PPE is necessary due to the potentially harmful chemicals in the paint when it is wet, especially in confined and minimally ventilated areas. Additionally, to get the best results from your black bitumen, we recommend you apply two coats. 

What are the Properties of Black Bitumen Paint?

Bituminous paint hosts various beneficial properties that make it an ideal protective measure for a range of surfaces. Here at TA Paints, we sell black bitumen paint suitable for particular surfaces, to ensure the best protection possible.

From painting boats to barns, bitumen paint can provide defence against rusting, corrosion, and weather conditions that may cause avoidable and expensive damage to your surfaces. But aside from protection, what does black bitumen have to offer?

  • UV Protection

Bituminous paint is designed to be UV resistant. UV resistance is vital to prolong the life of your surfaces and prevent them from deteriorating as a result of exposure to the sun. 

  • Waterproofing

Bituminous paint has amazing waterproof properties that not only protect surfaces from oxidation, but also against mould. 

  • Quick-Drying

Bitumen paint dries in roughly 2-4 hours, but we recommend you wait at least 12 hours for the second coat to dry completely. 

  • Longevity

Bituminous paint can last for 3-15 years depending on the quality of the paint and the surface it is painted on. The paint will last the longest on more porous surfaces like wood.

A worker rolling black bitumen paint onto concrete

The Different Uses of Bitumen Paint

Bitumen paint can be used on every type of surface so long as it is clean and dry. It adheres incredibly well to smooth and rough surfaces whether they’re impermeable or porous. The uses of bitumen are endless. But we’ll highlight a few below. 

  • Concrete

Bitumen paint protects concrete from corrosion and cracking that could occur due to harsh weather conditions. Depending on what the concrete is used for, the deterioration could be quite dangerous. So it is imperative to have protective measures in place.

  • Wood

Wood is susceptible to dry rot, a fungal infection which damages its structural integrity and causes it to degrade irredeemably over time. Bitumen paint prevents dry rot, as it protects the porous surface, stops water from ingressing, and increases the longevity of your fence posts or other wooden structures. 

  • Boats

Thanks to the incredibly effective protective coating technology of bitumen paint, it is commonly used on boats. When metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen, it rusts. To avoid this in boats, waterproof bitumen paint is applied to allow the boat to withstand prolonged oxidisation.

  • Steel

Steel bitumen paint is crucial for maintaining the quality of steel. It prevents the steel from oxidising and weakening, which could be incredibly dangerous depending on what the steel is used for.

Black Bitumen Paint at TA Paints

Here at TA Industrial Paints, we offer a selection of black bitumen paint for various surface applications including wood, concrete, and steel. We price our paints competitively and offer multi-buy discounts. This ensures you receive high-quality paint for the most affordable price. Each of our specialised types of paint is available in three sizes and can be bulk-bought in bundles of over 20 for industrial use. 

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