What Type Of Paint Should I Use On My Outdoor Swimming Pool?

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Outdoor swimming pools need to be carefully painted to ensure they're well protected against the British weather, keeping them safe for the whole family to use, as well as looking great. At TA Paints, we offer specialist swimming pool paint to help you ensure your pool's paintwork stays in tip-top condition, come rain or shine.

What Features Does Swimming Pool Paint Need to Have?

Since outdoor pools may have to deal with anything from heatwaves to blizzards, it's important that paint for swimming pools is hard-wearing and long-lasting. Naturally, it also needs to be waterproof. Remember too that pool water is chlorinated to keep it clean, so you'll need paint that's not damaged by long exposure to chlorine. Beyond this, the type of paint you pick may depend on the kind of pool you want to paint.

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

This is among the most popular choices for painting swimming pools. Chlorinated rubber paint has clear advantages: it's an inexpensive choice that can still last for several years, and it's very straightforward to apply. This type of paint works very well for therapy pools, including those for animals, or spa pools. You will need to drain your pool a few days before painting since the surface needs to be dry before you apply the paint.

Two Pack Epoxy

Two Pack Epoxy is a 4:1 mixing ratio 4 parts paint to 1 part hardener which has to be thoroughly mixed prior to application. An Epoxy is good for swimming pools as it offer great adhesion to concrete substrates.

Anti-slip paint

Anti-slip, or non-slip paint, is useful for areas surrounding the pool, where the presence of water could create a slip hazard. The paint adds extra texture to the surface, creating friction and helping to prevent falls. Underwater surfaces in parts of the pool used by children, the elderly or people who are not confident swimmers, should also be treated with non-slip paint. It is not advised to use a Two pack epoxy non slip on the surrounding areas of the pool if external as the colour will chalk and fade with UV exposure.

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