Epoxy Floor Paint

Two Pack 10 Colour(s) Available

  • Application By Brush Roller & Suitable Spray
  • Heavy Duty For Heavy Traffic Inc Vehicles
  • Suitable For Concrete Stone & Brick
  • Walk On Dry Time as Little as 24 Hours
  • Multi-Buy Discounts
  • Free Delivery Available

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This product is not suitable for the following
  • Tiles of any sort
  • Unprimed plastic
  • Bare aluminium (you will need a suitable etch primer)
  • Untreated galvanised steel (Mordant solution first)
  • A hot surface that reaches above 106 degrees (C) (you will need high temperature paints)

The colours shown on the images are for guidance only. The displayed colour will depend on your monitor and browsers. The finished colour therefore may not be as shown here.

All pictures are for illustration purpose only - 1 & 2.5 Litre cans are not screen-printed cans.



Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

Two Pack Epoxy Resin Floor Paint has a high gloss finish suitable for use on concrete and metal floors where heavy traffic will occur. Due to the Epoxy formulation this paint offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear, it has dust sealing properties as well as offers a protective coating from chemicals and moisture. Overall, this is a great paint for industrial, commercial, and residential flooring.

Please note although Epoxy coating’s offer the best chemical resistance and protection from the elements, the colours will chalk and fade in external applications.

Remember do not apply Two Pack Epoxy Paint in temperatures below 10 degrees centigrade cross linking of the paint and catalyst will not take place and the coating will never fully dry.


About Two Pack Epoxy Resin Paint

  • NEW 3 IN 1 TECNOLOGY - Primes Seals and Protects with just 2 coats.
  • HARD WEARING - Stands up to heavy use in areas such as home and industrial garages and factories or warehouses where vehicles are regularly used.
  • TOUGH EPOXY FORMULA - Paint will not lift or wear away like single-pack floor paints.
  • EASY TO USE - Mixing ratio 4 parts paint to 1 part hardener mix well. Apply by brush or roller, solvents are strong in this epoxy paint so solvent resistant brushes and rollers will be required.
  • POT LIFE FOR TWO PACK EPOXY PAINT - once components are mixed pot life is around 4 hours.
  • Thinners if required T0200 Epoxy thinner
  • Proudly manufactured in England by B.C Paints Ltd. Please note images and product titles are for advertising purposes only, tins are supplied in BC Paints cans or plain white for, 1 and 2.5, and occasionally 5 litre cans.


Painting your Floor Step By Step

  1. The floor area must be dry and clean from dirt, dust, oil, grease and any other contaminants. Never pre seal the floor prior to painting, especially with latex or PVC sealers paint will not stick.
  2. Before you start, have your PPE ready as our paint is oil based so will not wash off easily with soap and water.
  3. Stir the paint & catalyst together well before use (4-1 mixing ratio), with a paddle on a slow running drill or substantial stick.
  4. For bare concrete thin the first coat by 20% with epoxy thinners, to ensure the sealer impregnates the concrete.
  5. Before putting paint on the floor ensure you have good ventilation to allow vapor to escape, ventilation is also necessary to keep the drying times, if there is no air movement the coating cannot dry as well.
  6. Cut in around the edges first with a 2 to 3 inch brush, then work backwards towards your exit so as not to get boxed in.
  7. When painting large areas it's easier to pour the paint on the floor in stages, spread it out using a squeegee then back roll with a roller to release the air, to avoid having a bubbly finish as the air is trapped in the coating during the drying process.
  8. Apply a second coat 12-24 hours (overnight dry) after the first coat to build good colour and protection. Two coats are always recommended  for achieving the best and longest-lasting finish 

Mixing Epoxy Paint

  1.  Make sure you use a broom stick, mixer on a slow running drill or pallet knife to mix (An egg whisk, screwdriver or small stick that doesn’t reach the bottom of the can is not sufficient enough)
  2. Mixing should take place for 3-5 minutes allow to stand for a minute and repeat.
  3. Mix the catalyst in to tub before tipping into a paint tray
  4. Ensure all the content is properly mixed to avoid colour and or drying problem.

As our coatings are heavily pigmented separation can easily occur and you can have colour float, for example a green paint can seem blue before mixing, this is one of the reasons mixing your paint before use is essential.

New concrete floors or will need time to green this generally is a period of 3-5 months from when the concrete floor is laid, we say 3-5 months as it depends on the thickness of the concrete and quality, it’s always best ask the supplier and fitter of the concrete floor as to how long to wait utill painting.


Additional Information

Prime Colors

Black, BS 00 A 05 Goosewing Grey, BS 00 A 09 Mid Grey, BS 08 E 51 Yellow, BS 14 C 39 British Racing Green, BS 18 B 25 Grey, BS 18 E 53 Blue, BS 445 Tile Red, RAL 5012 Blue Blue, White


5 Litre, 2.5 Litre, 1 Litre