Why You Absolutely Need Anti-Slip Paint For Your Boat

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Are you planning to paint the deck on your boat? If you want to ensure the safety of your crew and regulation compliance, you need to pay special attention to the choice of paint.

No matter how often you are planning to use your boat or which weather conditions are common for the region you spend most of your time in, deck paint needs some serious thought.

Boat decks are highly slippery since they face wet conditions on a regular basis. Even if you use your boat in a hot and sunny climate, the humidity created by the water around the boat can quickly make the deck slippery.

Some of the actions undertaken by the crew, such as anchoring and setting the sails, require extra stability. Skidding and slipping on the deck can lead to boat operational problems as well as slip and fall injuries.

Types Of Anti-Slip Paint For Boat Decks

When choosing the best anti-slip paint for your boat deck, you may find the following three types useful.

1) Pre-Mixed Paint

Ideally, the deck paint should already have anti-slip mixed in. If the label reads “deck paint”, it may not be a non-slip paint - you will have to specifically request the product to be non-slip. This is the simplest option for an anti-slip coating

2) DIY Non-Slip Paint

The second option is to purchase regular paint separately and add anti-slip components on your own. Different components ensure a different level of slip resistance, silicon sand being the most popular. This may be a good solution for boat owners who have already purchased large amounts of paint for other purposes – the anti-slip simply needs mixing in

Non-slip Paints From TA Paint

At TA Paints we sell a range of anti-slip marine paints and protective coatings for your boat. Our paint is pre-mixed for your convenience so you don’t have to worry about any additives. If you have any questions about boat paint, please give us a call. Buy marine paint from us today at attractive prices on all volumes.