Why Businesses Need Anti-Slip Floor Paints

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Anti-slip floor paints are commonly associated with facilities that tend to harbour lots of water. But the leisure and food industries aren’t the only ones who should use anti-slip floor paints in their buildings. This article will cover why businesses should use anti-slip floor paint, discuss its benefits, and answer the question: How do you make non-slip floor paint? 

What’s the Purpose of Anti-Slip Paint?

Anti-slip paint does what it says on the tin. It reduces the likelihood of slipping when spillages occur by increasing the grip of the surface, regardless of the conditions. It works by providing a heavily textured finish that can withstand years of heavy foot traffic in fast-paced environments such as kitchens, boiler rooms, garages, and warehouses. 

How Good is Anti-Slip Paint?

Anti-slip paint is incredibly efficient at preventing avoidable accidents that result from sliding on the floor. There are many types of anti-slip paint available that are better suited for particular environments, but as a general rule, anti-slip floor paint fulfills its intended purpose in all sectors. 

How do you Make Non-Slip Floor Paint?

Non-slip paint usually contains high quantities of aggregate, a coarse material that consists of a mass of fragments that increases the grip of the paint once mixed in. This makes the paint appear incredibly grainy, which is ideal. The aggregate is usually mixed with a polyurethane resin or epoxy paint. Two Pack Epoxy paint is a polymer that provides enhanced protection, higher durability, and extended life over ordinary paints.. These two hard-wearing materials are exceedingly efficient at creating a non-slip finish on the floor. 

yellow anti slip floor paint with a rough texture

What are the Benefits of Anti-Slip Floor Paint?

There are many benefits to anti-slip paint that should be recognised in comparison to average floor paint. The following list will highlight some and discuss the reasons why these benefits make anti-slip paint suitable for high-risk environments. 

Easy Application

To ensure optimal adherence, ensure your floor is clean of dirt, oil, or grease before applying. Then, abrade the area, and paint! We recommend you seal bare concrete by thinning the first coat by 20% with the appropriate thinners. All you need to apply the paint is a good quality, solvent resistant roller and brush. Two thin layers will provide maximum protection, so you don’t need to worry about creating a thick base. Initial preparation aside, the application of anti-slip floor paint could not be more simple! 


How good is anti-slip paint at resisting erosion over time? Very good. Even with frequent foot traffic and spillages, your anti-slip paint will stay in place for several years without chipping or cracking. Two Pack Epoxy Non-slip paints are also chemically-resistant, so it will not wear away if exposed to corrosive fluids. 

Why Businesses Need Anti-Slip Paints

Businesses should have anti-slip floor paints because of their clear capability to prevent slipping in potentially dangerous environments. With such little time required to apply the paint, there is no reason why employers shouldn’t provide their employees with a little more protection at work.

Floor Paints at TA Industrial Paints

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