What To Look For In An Anti-Corrosive Primer

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There are many environments where corrosion can be a serious problem, ranging from agricultural settings to areas subject to saltwater. In these circumstances, you'll need a suitable anti-corrosive primer to prevent your equipment from degrading over time. When you're considering such a primer, here are a few things to consider.

What Type Of Surface Are You Coating?

You'll want to choose a primer that's optimal for the surface in question. If you're painting structural steel, for example, then a primer based on zinc phosphate is a good option. As long as the steelwork is correctly prepared beforehand, these primers can be applied to treated galvanised surfaces. You can then add a suitable air-drying paint over the top.

What Should I Use To Protect My Tractor and Trailer?

Conventional car paints are rarely suitable for agricultural vehicles and construction plant, due to the harsh environments they need to endure. Tractor-trailer polyurethane primers can be used on both inside and outside mild steel surfaces. When properly applied, they add a layer of protection and give good adhesion for the topcoat of tractor-trailer paint enamel. You can apply this primer either by spraying or with a brush/roller.

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At TA Paints, our range of anti-corrosive primers offers a protective solution for demanding environments, on surfaces from wood to metal. Speak with one of our paint experts today for our professional recommendation.


Image Source: Unsplash