Is It Possible To Paint A Concrete Floor?

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Painting a concrete floor will not only look better but will also reduce dust. Floor paint is available in a wide range of colours and is an inexpensive way to give a concrete floor a new lease of life. However, because concrete is porous, it can be quite tricky to paint properly. Follow our step-by-step guide to achieving a professional, durable result.

1) Cleaning

The porous surface of a concrete floor traps dirt, grease and moisture so it’s essential to clean it thoroughly. There are several ways to clean a concrete floor and the method you use will depend on the nature of the staining. First, sweep away any loose dirt and dust. For oil stains, use a degreasing agent. Tyre scuffs are best dealt with by using a solvent cleaner, while acid etching provides a good surface for painting with a sandpaper-like texture.

2) Removing Old Paint

Old, peeling paint can sometimes be removed outdoors simply by using a pressure washer. Indoors, it’s a question of paint stripper, a wire brush, a scraper and plenty of elbow grease.

3) Sealing / Priming

The surface of unpainted concrete is very porous so it is recommended to apply your first coat thinned with the appropriate thinner at 20%. This will act as your sealer/primer. You should wait between 12-24 hours before applying your second coat.

4) Applying The Paint

If you are planning on painting a brand new concrete floor, you should wait at least three months after laying. This allows time for moisture to escape before applying any paint. Industrial-quality concrete floor paint provides a very durable surface that is resistant to moisture, chemicals and oil and is easy to clean, while garage floor paint is perfect for areas with lighter traffic. It’s also available in a non-slip version, ideal for situations where spillages might occur. Mix the paint well for several minutes before applying with a brush or roller. You’ll probably need to apply at least two coats. Allow the paint to dry 12-24 hours between coats. If you’re painting a floor that is already painted, you will need to lightly abrade, degrease and sweep or hoover any loose dust or dirt prior to painting.

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