How To Waterproof An Outdoor Building

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Rain, snow, frost and UV exposure pose a big threat to wooden outdoor structures, including sheds, barns, garden rooms, and storerooms. Also, during winter - when temperatures fall dramatically – water from precipitation can seep into the woodwork of outdoor buildings, where it freezes, expands, and turns into ice. Once the weather warms up again, this ice melts and causes more moisture problems. Often called freeze-thaw weathering, this cycle continues indefinitely and will damage your property significantly. Frequent maintenance and sensible planning prolongs the lifespan of outdoor buildings, and protects them from Mother Nature. Here's how to do it:

Inspect The Roof Thoroughly

The rooves of outdoor buildings often have felt coverings that deteriorate over time, so it is crucial to inspect them for damage each year, either at the end of summer or the beginning of spring. Be particularly attentive to the roof edges and ridge line, along with any areas with nailed down material. It is easy to patch roof felt, using some extra felt glued on with gutter sealant. If any shingles are damaged, lift these up and spray sealant on the areas below. Then, just apply the patches and press them down.

Increase Drainage And Clear The Gutters

Always check the pipes and gutters regularly to ensure they are unblocked and clear of debris/leaves. A correctly installed gutter allows you to collect and re-use the rainwater that flows off the roof of your building. If your drainage system becomes blocked, this might cause surplus water to accumulate or pool on the rooftop.

Examine The Windows And Doors

To preserve their condition, wooden door frames and window frames require regular attention. As time passes, wood contracts causing chinks and cracks to appear. Then, water can find its way through these gaps. Search for spaces and fill these with builder’s caulk, expanding foam or apply wooden splines instead. Draft excluder tape can be used to fill spaces around doors. All doors ought to have thresholds to prevent rainwater from entering underneath. If the doors of your building have no thresholds, install weather bars to strengthen their seals.

Use The Correct Paint

Timber that is pressure treated keeps structures strong, and usually comes with a ten-year warranty against fungal decay and insect damage. Notwithstanding, this needs supplementing with a wood paint to maintain the condition of the wood. This is the best way of saving money and increasing the lifespan of buildings.

Spirit based products, such as the Barn and Shed Paint from T.A. Paints, are easy to apply. This polyurethane paint offers a durable film, with excellent adhesion in matt, gloss and semi-gloss. Once dried, the coating provides good weathering resistance for metal, cladding, concrete, brick and wood - as well as other correctly prepared substrates. It is ideal for refurbished or new domestic, industrial and agricultural buildings.

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Image Source: Unsplash