How to Store Your Paint Correctly and What You're Doing Wrong


Storing paint can be a tricky task; knowing where and how to store your paints correctly can make or break your product. As paint experts, we get asked questions on how to store paint regularly. This is why we at TA Paints have put together a guide on how to store your paint correctly and the common mistakes you might be making. 

So, read on for a full guide to storing paint and the answers to all of our most frequently asked questions on how to store paint.

How to store paint correctly

There is a simple method to storing paint correctly. Follow these steps to keep your paint fresh for your next use:

  • Store the paint in a cool,dry location away from sunlight.

  • The sunlight can cause your paint to separate and render it unusable for future paint jobs.


  • Ensure that the location of your storage stays above freezing temperature. 

  • Just like water, the paint can freeze, so choosing a location that isn’t going to reach these temperatures is vital. 

  • Wipe away any excess paint from around the can before storing
  • Use plastic wrap over the opening of the can
  • Replace the lid using a rubber mallet to seal
  • Then, shake the can to create a seal with the paint around the lid
  • Can you store paint in a shed?

    Storing paint in a shed is not ideal because it puts the paint at risk of being exposed to extreme temperatures. 

    Sheds are outside and therefore are exposed to the high temperatures of summer, and the cold weather of winter. These conditions can have a major impact on the texture of the paint, causing it to separate and congeal. 

    So, in short, storing paint in a shed is a bad idea and will hinder the high-quality of your paints. 

    Does paint have to be stored in a flammable cabinet?

    Paint does not have to be stored in a flammable cabinet, but it is highly recommended to do so. Paint itself is flammable and therefore poses a fire hazard to those who use it. This is yet another reason that it is so important to store paint correctly. 

    Can you store paint in the garage?

    The simple answer is yes, you can store paint in the garage. Unlike storing paint in an external shed, the extreme in temperatures is not so great. 

    Final take

    The way that you store your paints is integral to keeping them fresh and ready to use. If not kept in the correct conditions, paints can become separated and therefore, unsuitable for most jobs. It is recommended when you come to use your paint in colder months, you store it in a warm environment prior to using.

    This is why you should always refer to our how to store your paints guide. At TA Paints, we’re on hand to help with any of your paint needs, from agricultural paints to vehicle paints. Contact us today with your questions.