How Much Floor Paint Do I Need?

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When painting your business premises, it can be difficult to tell how much floor paint you really need to do the job correctly. It can vary based on a whole lot of factors, so it can be difficult to predict. However, I’m going to give you a pretty good rule of thumb in this article.

How To Work It Out

In general, the amount of paint you need depends on the surface and finish you require. You will need approximately 1 litre of paint for every 8 - 10 m² of floor space that you are painting this is depending on absorption of the concrete. The volume you get should be multiplied by two, as you need at least two coats of floor paint to have a durable surface. However, the amount of coats needed can vary from paint to paint, so it is always important to look at the manufacturer’s guidelines when deciding how much paint you will actually need, because that will tell you how many layers you will need to achieve a hard wearing surface. Otherwise, you may be faced with the annoying situation of having weakened and chipping floor paint – all because you didn’t put enough coats of paint on.

Why Do The Maths?

Calculating the amount of paint needed for your project is essential if you don’t want to overspend and have a huge tin of paint lying around after your project has concluded. Alternatively- you can avoid having to buy more paint half way through the project by calculating how much you need. It can save you time, money and inconvenience. Of course, doing the maths is also essential to making sure that you have enough paint to do the correct amount of coats. Sure, you might have the right amount of paint for one coat, but what about the minimum two? A project can quickly unravel if you don’t have nearly enough paint to complete it.

Differences In Paint

Unsurprisingly, there are differences in paints. Some floor paints go further than others; the same is true for finishes. However, this is something that you should research and it entirely depends on the type, finish and even brand you’re using. Something to note is that, the thicker the paint, the less coverage per litre. However, you will get a more durable finish. Solvent based paints are thinner than water-based alternatives and as such, they tend to go further. These are things to keep in consideration when buying paint to paint your floor, along with everything else that I have mentioned thus far.

The Right Volume At The Best Price

Calculating how much floor paint you need can help avoid overspending on your project or running out of paint. Of course, everything depends on the type of paint that you are using, so this is only truly meant to be used as a guide. To get the best value per square metre, have a look through our online stock catalogue for a wide variety of floor paints for all surfaces.

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