Autumn & Winter Painting Tips

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The British weather is unreliable at the best of times. For this reason, many outdoor maintenance jobs are completed during the spring and summer! That said, some unexpected external painting jobs might crop up during the autumn or even winter.
It’s not impossible to do a good paint job in the less clement seasons. Read the following tips to be prepared to complete the work to a high standard, despite the weather.

Looking After Paint

Whilst many people will be aware that drying times can be extended by cold weather, it might be less commonly known that the paint itself can be affected. In colder temperatures the paints natural viscosity becomes thicker, making them harder to apply. If this is an issue, mix in some paint thinner to reduce the paint’s viscosity. Add paint thinner sparingly, as too much will make the paint too thin to apply evenly. It is also recommend to keep the paint sorted in a warm area prior to painting.

Paint Application

Remember that cold and damp conditions will make the time between re-coats longer. For some paints, this could be up to 48 hours. Before starting your first coat, read the instructions carefully to ensure that the paint can be used at the current temperature. Paint surface temperature can differ from the air temperature. If possible, check this as well. Be aware that drying time can vary if there are temperature variations across the surface. Aim to do the work between the hours of 10am and 2pm when the temperatures are least cold and follow the passage of the sun across the surface. This ensures that the driest part of the surface is painted first. If necessary, shield the surface from cold winds. Sometimes it is advisable not to undertake the job. Cold weather can cause problems with poor adhesion, lack of stain resistance, patchy colour distribution, and loss of sheen. For this reason, never paint a surface that is damp to the touch and does not dry off, as the paint will not adhere properly. For this reason, avoid painting near dusk when dew will contaminate the surfaces and affect paint adhesion, and choose high-quality paints for the job from a reputable manufacturer.

The Right Paints For The Job, Whatever The Weather

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Image Source: Unsplash