A Step-By-Step Guide To Painting An Indoor Wooden Floor

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Painting a wooden floor is an excellent way to hide the floor’s irregularities, patches, scars, and small cracks. If the floor is too old to look good without a special coating or if it’s made of cheap wood, painting can be the answer. Meanwhile, such an approach allows you to get creative with colours and freshen up the overall appearance of the indoor area.
This short step-by-step guide can help you get a good understanding of how simple the wooden floor painting process can be.

Step 1: Clear The Area

You need to move all the furniture and equipment out of the facility in order for the painting to go smoothly. Remember that even though paint can dry fast, it takes some time for coating to fully dry / cure. To prevent scratches and dents too the coating this must be through dry.

Step 2: Choose The Right Paint

For wooden floors, you may want to consider an oil-based enamel. A polyurethane-based paint can provide a durable coating for your indoor floors. It also comes in numerous colours and offers resistance to spills.

Step 3: Clean & Sand The Surface

Before applying new paint, you have to get rid of the old coating. Clean the floors carefully and allow them to dry fully. Then go on to sand the surface. You may want to rent a floor sander in order to speed up the process and achieve better results. Hand sanding is reasonable for small areas and for thin old coats. Fill in large cracks, if any, before painting.

Step 4: Apply The Primer

Wood primers based on polyurethane enamel resin have excellent anti-corrosion properties and are a great solution for floors which are prone to spills. Apply the primer with a brush, starting from the corner of the room farthest from the door. Allow the primer to dry. Usually this takes between 12 and 48 hours.

Step 5: Apply The Paint

It is recommended by manufactures to apply two coats of paint for the coating to be more durable and offer better depth of colour. After the first coat is applied you will need to wait 12-24 hours before applied the second coat. Always check manufactures recommended over coating times. At TA Paints, we offer all the necessary materials to make your wooden floor painting fast and easy. From paints, primers, and sealers to brushes and rollers, you can find them in our catalogue. Give us a call today to get free delivery on orders over £200! Image source: Pixabay