Which Floor Paint For Wood Should I Buy?

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Wooden floors require a different approach to concrete floors when a paint job is required. This article delves into the question of which floor paint for wood is the best choice in different circumstances, and how to get the best results from wood paint.

Surface Preparation

Arguably the most important part of painting a wooden floor is surface preparation. In a commercial environment, a typical wooden floor is dry, stained, pockmarked and scarred through years of use. Even on a new floor, the surface will quickly become battered and stained if not treated correctly. The first task is therefore to sand the wooden surface to remove surface damage and level any uneven areas. You may find some floorboards are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. Do this before you start painting – don’t try and cover over serious defects. The purpose is to remove flaws, rather than cover them up. You will then need to clean the wooden surface by vacuuming up any dust and dirt and then thoroughly damp mopping the floor. Allow the wooden floor to dry thoroughly over several days before applying your paint. The paint itself will then need two coats in most cases, plus a protective varnish, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Choosing The Right Paint

Many types of floor paint are suitable for wooden floors, but for commercial properties you should select a hard wearing variety, rather than a decorative paint better suited to domestic properties. Here are some of our suggestions, depending on the type of area that needs painting. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to speak to us in person about the right product:
  • Wood Enamel Paint: Polyurethane-based specialist wood paints provide a tough finish to any wooden floor, with an attractive gloss and high resistance to weathering. A good quality paint will have good spill resistance to grease, ethanol, petrol etc. You may want to thin your paint with 10% - 15% of the recommended solvent.
  • Non-Slip Industrial Floor Paint: Suitable for wooden or concrete floors that experience high traffic, this type of paint is normally dry to the touch within 12 to 24 hours and is very easy to apply.
  • Two Pack Epoxy Paint: Hard wearing wooden floors, such as those on boats and outdoor wooden retail decking, can benefit from a high quality two pack epoxy paint. These require some care to apply, but provide a tough surface under extreme conditions and heavy traffic. Some epoxy coatings may be too brittle for wood, so check with the manufacturer before use.

Find Out More

More information about industrial floor paints and surface area preparation can be found in our Guide to Industrial Floor Paints. With sections dealing with epoxy paints, nonslip coatings, the right choice of paints for different floor types and more, the guide can be accessed for free by clicking here