What Paint Should I Use On Wooden Garden Decking?

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An area of decking in your garden is a great place to relax and entertain friends and family. But the British climate can soon take its toll and leave your decking in need of TLC. Luckily, it’s easy to revive your decking and protect it from damage by UV rays and rain. Read on to discover all you need to know about sprucing up your decking to keep it looking its best.

What Type Of Paint Should I Use?

What type of paint you use will depend to some extent on the condition of your decking. If it’s newly installed, leave it for at least 6 months before painting as this will allow any previous treatment to erode.

Standard Deck Paint  

To transform the appearance of your decking, opt for decking paint. This is available in an array of colours and is a great way to give your deck an instant makeover. They provide a waterproof finish and enhance the good looks of timber decking. Another advantage of deck paint is that they will not crack when the decking expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity.

Non-Slip Deck Paints

Like any painted surface when wet is slippery so we always recommend a non-slip paint. This is a rough textured finish to help reduce the risk of any slips.

How To Paint Decking Step-By-Step

1) Decking maintenance is best to be carried out in spring / summer. Choose a few dry days and don't apply decking paint if rain is forecast as this will affect the coating by causing it to bloom or peal off at a later date.

2) Make sure the decking is clean and dry. Use pressure washer to remove any loose flakes. If there is any algae or moss, rinse well and allow to dry before painting. It is imperative that the decking is dry prior to painting if not this will blow the paint off.

3) If you are painting bare wood, thin the first coat by 20% with the appropriate thinners this is to ensure the paint impregnates the wood this will then act as your primer. After 12-24 hours apply the second coat unthinned.

4) If you are painting over existing paint ensure decking is free from any loose bits or dust, lightly abrade to provide a key for the new coat. Apply two coats leaving 12-24 hours in-between overcoating.

5) Apply 2 -3 coats for optimal protection, letting each coat dry 12-24 hours before applying the next.

6) The area must be left for 5 days before using. The longer you can leave it the better 7 days is usually best.

Ordering Decking Paint

You’ll find a wide range of paints for all applications at TA Paints. To find out more about our product range and tips on painting, please download our free eBook, The Ultimate Floor Paint Guide.


Image Source: Unsplash