What is Epoxy Floor Paint And When Could It Be A Suitable Choice?

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Whatever type of floor you're planning to spruce up, you'll need to choose the right paint if you want your work to look professional and stand the test of time. If you're painting floors within an industrial or commercial building, it's crucial to use a product that's hard-wearing – and that's where specialist paints, like epoxy, can come in. Let's take look at this innovative product, and discover why and when it could be a preferable alternative to other types of floor paint.

Epoxy Paint – What Makes it Different from Other Paint Types?

Epoxy paint is formulated using an epoxy resin. This high-performing substance provides exceptional resistance to many chemicals and it is extremely durable. While this type of floor paint can be more expensive than its non-epoxy-based counterparts, the fact that it's so hard-wearing makes it a cost-effective choice. Once dry, epoxy paint will give your floors an impressive level of protection, but you won't need to sacrifice appearance for practicality. Using it will provide your floors with an attractive, high-quality coating, and you can even purchase epoxy floor paints which produce gloss and non slip finishes.

Where and When to use Epoxy Floor Paint

Due to its durability, this type of floor paint is ideal for use in high traffic areas, such as warehouses, garages and shop floors. It's also a practical option for anyone painting a floor in an area which could be prone to spills, such as industrial kitchens, laboratories or MOT bays. Some epoxy paint products can also act as dust sealers when used on concrete floors. Epoxies can not be applied over single pack floor paints as the epoxy will attack it.

What Types of Epoxy Floor Paint Can you Buy?

At TA Paints, we sell epoxy paints to suit floors made from various materials, including mild steel and concrete, as well as solvent-free products. We also sell epoxy paint which has been specifically formulated for marking lines on concrete floors. As we manufacture all of our products in house, we're able to offer exceptionally competitive prices, and if your order comes to more than £200, delivery is completely free. We make epoxy paint in a wide range of colours and can even produce it in bespoke shades. You can find out more about our floor paints in our online store. If you still aren't sure whether epoxy paint is suitable for your floors, check out our e-book, The Ultimate Floor Paint Guide. It's packed with advice on choosing and applying floor paint, and you can download it from our website, free of charge.  

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