To Paint Your Decking or Stain Your Decking?

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With summer coming up, your outside decking will be getting much more usage whilst temperatures soar. So the question is; to paint your decking or stain your decking? 

Getting the right finish for your decking is crucial to maintaining both the aesthetic and the functionality of the deck. 

But which product will provide the best finish? Is painting a decking a good idea? Is stain or paint better for a deck? 

The answers to all of these questions will be in the following article. So let’s outline both types of decking products and see which one is best for your job.

What are the differences between decking paint and decking stain? 

Decking paint is a type of paint product that is suitable for the outdoors and all the elements your decking may encounter. It is formulated specifically for wooden decking and contains properties that make it the best choice for this purpose. Deck paint is of course, colourful and can really help to make your decking stand out.

Decking stain however is a varnish-like product that coats the surface of your decking. The decking stain builds a layer of film over the surface of your decking which protects it from the elements. You can also purchase tinted decking stain if you’re looking for a solution that provides both colour and protection.

The two are vastly different in formula, texture and finish. But which is the better solution for retouching your deck? To answer that question, first, you need to assess your decking needs. 

Assessing your decking needs 

When giving your decking a new finish, you must weigh up these factors in order to choose the correct product for you.

  • Why am I painting my deck? - do I simply want a new colour, or am I looking for added protection?

  • Do I need to remove the previous paint or stain on my deck?

    • Will I need to seal my new decking? 

    Why chose deck paint?

    The benefits of using deck paint include the following -

  • There is a vast amount of different colours to choose from 

  • You can get a thicker finish and hide any unwanted flaws in the wood 

  • Paint generally has a long life span

  • A painted decking allows for an easy clean
  • However, the drawbacks of using deck paint include - 

  • It can cover up the natural beauty and finish of the wood

  • The existing coating of the decking must be removed prior to painting; you will have an extra job to do. 

  • The paint can peel as a result of trapped moisture
  • Why choose deck stain?

    The benefits of using deck stain are - 

  • Deck stain is very easy to apply 

  • Deck stain will allow the natural texture of the wood to show through 

  • You will get UV protection with deck stain 

  • Deck stain is a lot less slippery than alternative deck coating methods

  • The drawbacks of using deck stain are -  

  • This will not cover flaws or cracks 

  • Deck stain requires more frequent maintenance than the alternatives

    • Certain woods may not hold deck stain well - these include woods such as Ipe, Teak, Mahogany and other exotic woods used for decking.

    So, what is best for decking? Paint or stain?

    Ultimately, paint and stain are good choices to spruce up your decking for the summer. However, it is essential to ask yourself the crucial questions about your decking needs in order to assess which is right for you. Consider these factors and you won’t go far wrong when refurbishing your deck.

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