The Best Industrial Floor Paint for Wooden Floors

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Painting a wooden floor can improve surface durability and refresh the appearance of a space. The secret is not how good of a painter you are, but the colour and quality of the paint you use. Always, use a paint that gives a long-lasting finish. While some general paints can be used on wooden floors, for the best, long-lasting results, we recommend a specialist wood enamel paint.


Wood Enamel Paint

Wood Enamel Paint is a Polyurethane based paint which provides a tough film with good adhesion, gloss and weathering properties. When fully dry, the coating exhibits good resistance to petrol, paraffin and mineral oil spillage. Like any painted surface when wet is slippery so the Wood Enamel Paint is available in a non slip version which is a rough textured finish. Although the non slip aggregate in the paint reduces the risk of slips it is a painted surface so can still be slippery. Wood Enamel Paint Brushing / Spraying Enamel Paint is based on a polyurethane enamel resin, suitable for brush, roller, and spray applications. It can be used as a metal, wood and concrete or brick paint, along with other suitably prepared and primed substrates.

Quick Facts

  • 2-4 hours touch dry
  • 12-24 hours overall coat
  • 7 days to dry fully
  • Covers approx. 8 sq.m per litre
  • Use a suitable sprayer, brush or roller for the best results
  • Can also be used on metal, primed substrates, and concrete
  • Leaves your floor looking good and tough
  • Wide colour selection
  • Resistance to water, household chemicals, and oil
The coverage per litre varies on the method of application used, the level of effectiveness, and the level of absorption by the substrate.

Why use TA Paints?

Our products provide excellent value for money, meet EU and UK safety standards, and offer the best quality in the market. We supply paints to industries, wholesalers and individual clients, so please visit our online store to place an order. For more information, please download our free Ultimate Floor Paint Guide.    

Image source: Unsplash