Key Properties To Look For In Concrete Floor Paint

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Tired of unsightly dusty concrete floors? Painting a concrete floor is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to give it a fresh and new look. Selecting a proper concrete floor paint can make a difference between long-lasting coating and a sloppy look.

Key Concrete Floor Paint Properties

To make a long story short, concrete floor paint must be durable and water-resistant. If you care for aesthetic appeal, add a good colour palette to the list. Such paint must dry to create a tough finish, which can endure heavy foot and equipment traffic. Even if your concrete surface is not subject to heavy traffic, the durable paint is still a must-have for better longevity. If you need to paint an uneven and cracked surface, you need to look for a paint which is flexible enough to fill in the cracks. At TA Paints, we are always ready to give you extensive advice on choosing the right paint for your concrete floor. We can also mix different colours to come up with the desired floor hue.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is an excellent solution for a concrete floor coating. It’s highly durable and dries thick and hard. Whether you need to paint a basement floor or want to brighten up a workshop area, epoxy paint is a good choice. The additional advantage of an epoxy paint is its water-resistant properties. It can act as a waterproofing sealant for your cement floor, which keeps the excess moisture out. Epoxy paint comes in three types:
  • Solvent-based – best applied in temperatures above 10 degrees and more economical than Solvent Free
  • Solvent Free Epoxy – goes on thicker than the other two, doesn’t contain VOC, used mostly for commercial spaces.
Epoxy paint has all the key properties you need for a concrete floor. It’s thick, durable, and water-proof. It also comes in a variety of colours. If you need a high-quality paint for industrial cement floors, take advantage of 100% solids epoxy paint.

Polyurethane-Based Paint

This paint is durable. The main advantage of this paint is the glossy finish. So if you are looking to paint a showroom or shopping centre floor, this paint may be the right choice. Polyurethane paint can be used for indoor and outdoor projects, suitable for light to medium foot traffic. It also has good chemical resistance properties and excellent U.V. stability (this means it’s resistant to fading from direct sunlight). At TA Paints, we have both epoxy and polyurethane paint available for purchase. We also offer other paint types for cement floors. Our paint experts are always available for consultation. Call us today and get free delivery on orders over £200.