Is Your Floor Due A Repaint This Christmas?

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As I was getting ready to leave the house for work this morning I noted the first frost of the winter, which lingered for several hours after the sun had rose. It is a sign of many things, one being that Christmas is now less than two months away! Many businesses have a natural shutdown over the Christmas period, and you might be one of them. It’s a great time for staff to spend a well-deserved break with their families, and also for businesses to catch up with many of the tasks they are too busy to deal with at other times of the year – tax returns, clearing out the stationery cupboard, painting the workshop floor! We can’t help you with your admin or your office party, but we can help you stock up on affordably priced, high quality paint to give your commercial flooring a new lease of life. After an intensely busy autumn production period, many factories, warehouses and workshops start looking in need of some love and attention. The quiet time around Christmas is the perfect opportunity to catch up on these paint jobs.

How To Order

If you haven’t done so already, please browse our extensive selection of floor paints. Although we shut down over down over Christmas on the 23rd of December 2018, we still accept orders however these won’t be dispatched until the 3rd of January 2019, this tends to be busy at this time of year, so now is a good time to put in a bulk order if you plan to do some repainting. Our new website allows you to order directly and pay for your paint online, so acquiring the paint you need is even quicker than before. Our standard range is available in hundreds of different colours, and we can also formulate bespoke paints to your specifications. Simply call us on 01902 428498, or send an email to