How To Revitalise Your Exterior Concrete Floors

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Concrete is one of the most durable floor materials in the world. However, it comes with a downside: It’s grey, unsightly, and degrades over time. Meanwhile, each factory, shop, MOT station, warehouse, and garage owner wants the floor to look appealing – as well as safe for employees and visitors. Painting a concrete floor is the simplest and the most obvious solution to the appearance problem. But what if you are stuck with a floor painted by low-quality paint, which has cracked, worn off, and lost its shine? No problem! You can revitalise your concrete floor in just a few steps.

Power Wash The Concrete

After you’ve fully cleared the concrete floor, you need to give it a good wash. Power washing takes care of the majority of residue and chipped paint pieces. It can also help you see the imperfections that need to be dealt with before painting.

Acid Wash The Concrete

Acid wash can take care of light contamination that may lead to loss of adhesion between the coating and the substrate. It does a great job getting rid of dirt which have penetrated deep into the concrete surface. If your exterior floors don’t have serious deformations, acid wash may be the last thing you need to do before painting. Degrease The Floor Once your outdoor concrete floor is smooth and shiny, you need to degrease it in order for the paint to adhere well. It’s as easy as hosing down the concrete, applying the degreaser, spreading it with a firm bristle brush, and hosing the solution off. Deal With The Imperfections Weather can be harsh on concrete floors and cause many unsightly deformations. These pits and craters can damage vehicles and cause trip hazards for pedestrians. You can take advantage of polymer-based concrete resurfacing products to quickly patch up small holes, which make the floors look smooth and brand new. You can also hire a professional to remove larger cracks and bumps by adding more concrete where needed.

Choose The Best Paint

If you want your outdoor concrete floor to look professional for many years to come, you have to choose the right paint. Paints for exterior floors need to be highly durable, UV-resistant, and “immune” to weather elements.

Be Smart About The Painting Process

No matter how high in quality your paint is, it won’t last long if applied improperly. It’s vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t understand something, it’s better to ask the manufacturer or the supplier than to guess. Always allow each coat of paint to dry fully before applying the next one. Closely look at the temperature guide provided by the supplier. You may need to wait for the right outdoor temperature and humidity to get the painting done right.

Consider Concrete Staining

Another good way to revitalise your exterior concrete floor is staining. Stains penetrate the concrete and stay in the pores giving the floor an uneven colour. Stains are sometimes more durable than paint. They last longer and require less maintenance. However, the procedure is more expensive and requires a more extensive preparation process. The colour selection is also limited. At TA Paints, we stock special high performance paints for exterior concrete floors. For more information, please download our free e-book The Ultimate Floor Paint Guide by clicking here