How To Get The Perfect Floor Finish On Concrete

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Concrete is a highly durable material which can endure heavy exploitation, rapid temperature changes, chemical spills, and more. That’s why it’s frequently used in industrial settings. The downside of concrete is its unsightly appearance. Thankfully, these days there are many ways to make concrete look more appealing. However, getting the perfect floor finish on concrete isn’t easy. Making a smart choice between different finishes is even harder. Let’s take a closer look at different finish types and ways of making them look perfect.


One of the simplest and most popular ways to make your concrete look appealing while protecting the surface is painting it. The variety of commercial concrete paints available on the market today is overwhelming. Depending on the type of floor traffic, weather conditions, budget, and owner’s personal preferences, you can get the ideal long-lasting paint coating without spending a fortune per litre. Getting the perfect finish with paint doesn’t just depend on the paint quality. You have to take a careful approach to prepping the surface for painting.


Another simple way to finish the concrete surface is to seal it. While the sealer won’t give you different colour options as would painting and staining, it can protect your floor from moisture, oil, grease, and salt. Sealers are often used for exterior concrete floors. The key to getting a perfect floor finish with a sealer is to clean the floor before application. The floors must be meticulously clean in order for the finish not to fail. After applying the sealer you can paint the floor or leave it as it is.


Polishing gives your concrete surface a glossy and clean look. It can be applied to new and old concrete surfaces alike. A polished surface is easy to clean and maintain. In order to get the perfect polished floor, you need to prepare the surface with a concrete floor grinder with diamond abrasives. The final smoothness of the polished surface is determined by the grade of abrasive. It’s vital to remove all the previous coating and sealers from the surface before polishing. You may need to add chemical hardeners to concrete during the polishing process for further protection.

Choose The Right Paint

If you decide to paint your concrete floors, you will need high-quality paint. At TA Paints, we offer a wide variety of concrete paints for your use. If you require further information about our paint selection, please download our free e-book: The Ultimate Floor Paint Guide