Can The Right Metal Paint Stop Corrosion?

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For as long as there has been industrial machinery, there has been rust. Shortening the lifespan of equipment, decreasing efficiency, and increasing costs, corrosion is less of a headache and more of a migraine. Here’s a guide to keeping your facilities rust-free.

What Exactly Is Rust?

Also known as oxidisation, rust is a natural chemical reaction that occurs when iron and oxygen mix. There are four main types: red, yellow, brown, and black. The most common types are red, which is found in high oxygen and water areas, and yellow, which occurs in standing water. Two of the most difficult rusts are brown and black, which can occur in areas where there is little or no moisture, such as under a layer of substandard paint.

What Problems Does Rust Cause?

Whatever colour it is, rust is corrosive, meaning it dissolves and weakens metal. It may cause a thinning out of the surface, the formation of cracks, or the emergence of holes. This often happens around areas that are already structurally vulnerable, such as welded joints. In high pressure environments, rust can undermine the structural integrity of the metal, leading to catastrophic failure. Rust also peels away, contaminating pipes and tanks and causing blockages. As such, corrosion is associated with increased costs, increased downtime, increased waste, and a general reduction in efficiency.

Can Paint Help To Prevent Rust?

The only way to prevent rust is to ensure that there is a seamless airtight and watertight layer over the metal. One of the most successful ways of achieving this is through applying and anti-corrosive primer. If you do not want to use a primer you can use a one coat direct to metal paint which is either a semi-gloss or matt finish as they some anti-corrosive properties. It is always recommend to remove any rust by abrasion prior to priming.

When Should I Use Anti-Rust Paint?

There are several benefits to treating the problem of corrosion long before it starts. Once the metal has started to bubble and swell, the contamination process is already well under way, and the problem can be costly, time-consuming, and risky to fix. However, an early application of anti-corrosive paint can stop the issue before it begins. This can help to prevent both the visible problems on the surface and the invisible interior damage to equipment.

Find Out More

Rust has an expensive reputation, but there are highly cost-effective solutions. To learn more about extending the lifespan of your equipment whilst reducing downtime, please browse our range of quality rust-corrosive metal paints.


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