Product Focus: All You Need To Know About Vehicle Paint

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At TA Paints, we are proud to present a wide variety of vehicle paint products, from chassis metal paint to military vehicle two-pack epoxy primers. For lorry, and plant owners, the choice of the paint affects both the appearance and the performance of their vehicles. We have made it easy to choose the right products to help you avoid problems with cracking, chipping, and corrosion. What do you need to know about vehicle paint in order to ensure the highest quality?

1) Old Paint Type

Before choosing the best paint for your vehicle, it’s important to know which paint is already on it. If you don’t have the opportunity to strip the vehicle of old paint entirely, you need to make sure the new paint is compatible with the old one. Otherwise, you may face adhesion and durability issues.

2) Ease of Application

With the wrong paint, vehicle painting can be time-consuming and complicated. Ease of application is one of the top things we consider when manufacturing our vehicle paint. As most vehicle paints are applied by spray gun, make sure you choose a variety that is compatible with your applicator model.

3) Drying Time

Rapid curing time is important for many vehicle paint jobs, in order to return the vehicle to service as soon as possible. At TA Paints, we offer options that touch dry in just a few minutes and are hard dry in 12 hours. These paints are an excellent choice for time-sensitive projects.

4) Durability and Weather Resistance

Agricultural, commercial, industrial, military. No matter which purpose your vehicles serve, they need a highly durable paint that can resist whatever the weather throws at it. At TA Paints, we provide two pack high build epoxy zinc phosphate metal primers, polyurethane enamel and 2K Acrylic paints to ensure excellent durability and weather resistance for different parts of your vehicle.

5) Anti-Corrosive Properties

One of the top considerations when choosing vehicle paint is its anti-corrosive properties. High-quality paint must protect your vehicle from exposure to water, salt, oil, chemicals and other contaminants.

6) Suitable Colour

Colour choice plays a major role in the paint selection process. Whether you need to follow a corporate colour scheme or want a diverse camouflage colour palette, it’s not always easy to find the suitable match. At TA Paints, we have a wide choice of colours for each paint type, and can also create a custom shade on request.

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Image Source: Unsplash