9 Garage Floor Painting Tips

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Many people believe they should leave garage floor painting up to the professionals. However, it’s a simple process, which can even be fun; as long as you take the right approach, of course. Painting a garage floor requires a few preparations, proper paint selection, and a free weekend. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Don’t Forget To Scrub

No matter how clean your garage floor may seem, it’s not. You need to take a careful approach to making it perfectly spotless. Start with vacuuming or sweeping. Then wash the floors with a detergent. Go further to treat the surface with a degreaser. If you have tough stains, consider using an acid descale.

2) Eliminate The Moisture

The floor must be completely dry before you apply the first coat of paint. Leaving seemingly insignificant drops of water or cleaning solution can lead to improper paint adherence. Eventually, this will reduce the paint’s protective properties.

3) Deal With Imperfections

If your floor has cracks, the paint coating won’t look smooth. At the same time, it won’t offer proper protection. Filling in the cracks and eliminating irregularities on the surface can make your paint job simple and effective. Consider using epoxy paste to fill in the cracks.

4) Sand The Floor

The paint has better bonding properties when it’s applied to a slightly uneven surface. An etching product can treat the smooth surface well enough for the paint to adhere properly. Some floors may need two etching sessions.

5) Read The Instructions

Mixing the paint is a job in itself, which requires precision. It’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions and data sheet before you begin. An improperly mixed paint could make all the rest of your work useless.

6) Use The Right Set Of Tools

Brushes and rollers are most suitable. Brushes are great for dealing with corners and tough spots. Meanwhile, rollers are perfecting for painting larger surface areas.

7) Don’t Hurry

The majority of paints needs 12 to 24 hours to dry. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and/or consult the supplier. Ideally, you shouldn’t resume foot traffic in the garage before 24 hours are up. If you can, keep furniture and tools off the newly painted floor for 4 to 7 days.

8) Protect Yourself

Open doors and windows while painting ensure good ventilation. Always wear protective gear, such as gloves and goggles. Wear old clothing which you don’t mind throwing out. Keep pets away from the areas.

9) Save The Leftover Paint

If you have leftover paint, don’t throw it out or stash it in the garage corner. Make sure the cans are sealed and stored in a dark cool place. If you follow the storage instructions, the paint will maintain its properties for months. If using Two Pack Epoxy or Solvent only keep paint that has not being catalysed.

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