Wood Paint Oil Based Enamel

Wood Paint Oil Based Enamel
Wood Paint Oil Based Enamel
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Wood Paint Oil Based Enamel

Wood Enamel Paint is a Oil based Polyurethane paint which provides a tough film with good adhesion, weathering properties, sutiable for internal and external applications for new and old wood.

This product is suitable for brush, roller and spray applications.

For our compatible primer please click here 



    Key Facts 

    It can be brushed, rolled, and sprayed.

     High Gloss finish (Matt and Semi-Gloss finishes are available - click here)

    Touch Dry 2-4 hours

    Over coat 12-24 hours

    Thinners suitable T0001 White Spirit

    Covers Approx. 8 square metres per litre (this does not account for the method of application, absorption of substrate or wastage)

     Suitable for Metal, Primed Fiberglass, Wood, Concrete, stone, Brick and  Plastisol (12 months old)

    Shelf life - 12 months from batch date


    Mixing and Thinning

    Make sure you use a mixer on a slow running drill, pallet knife or a broom stick that reaches the bottom of the can and mixing should take place for 3-5 mins to ensure all the content is properly mixed together to avoid colour and or drying problems.

    You can purchase a mixer from us just click here

    Thinners required are White Spirit T0001. If thinning is required when applying by a brush or roller start by gradually adding 5% but do not thin more an 10% as the paint won’t cover

    As our coatings are heavily pigmented separation can easily occur and you can have colour float, for example a green paint can seem blue before mixing, this is one of the reasons mixing your paint before use is essential.

    If you are painting bare wood you will find that it will be porous we recommend that on your first coat thin 20% to ensure this impregnates the substrate. Then after 13.20-24 hours apply the second coat un thinned.



    Application - Painting over existing paint 

    Step 1 - Check suitability of the product to the existing paint. We recommend you try a sample area first.

    Step 2 Clean and Abrade -

      • Make sure the existing paint is in good condition prior to painting, then lightly abrade to provide a key for good intercoat adhesion.
      • If there is flaking paint this must be removed prior to painting.

      • Ensure substrate is clean of any dirt, oil, or grease

        Step 3 Prime – This step is down to personal preference, depending on the condition of the existing paint or if you are changing a dark colour to a light you may want to add one coat of primer.

        Step 4 Topcoat- Once you have completed the following steps you can apply your top coat.



        Application - Painting a bare wood 

        Step 1 Clean - Ensure substrate is clean of any dirt, oil, or grease.

        Step 2 Prime – You can use either our wood primer or you can thin the first coat (top coat) by 20% white spirit thinners which will act as the primer/sealer this is to ensure it impregnates the wood. 

        Step 3 Topcoat – 12-24 hours after applying the primer/thinned down coat you can add your first coat of topcoat. Wait another 12-24 hours and then apply the second coat.

        Prime Colors

        Clear Sealer, Gloss White, Semi-Gloss White, Matt White, Gloss Black, Semi-Gloss Black, Matt Black, BS 00 A 05 Goosewing Grey, BS 00 A 09 Mid Grey, BS 04 E 53 Red, BS 08 E 51 Yellow, BS 10 C 31 Cream, BS 14 C 39 British Racing Green, BS 18 B 25 Grey, BS 18 E 53 Blue, BS 105 Blue, BS 106 Blue (Blue Black), BS 108 Blue, BS 224 Deep Bronze Green, BS 226 Middle Brunswick Green, BS 227 Deep Brunswick Green, BS 538 Post Office Red, RAL 2004 Orange, RAL 5002 Blue, RAL 5010 Blue, RAL 5012 Blue Blue, RAL 5015 Sky Blue, RAL 5017 Blue, RAL 6011 Green, RAL 6018 Kawasaki Green, RAL 7024 Grey, Tile Red


        1 litre, 2.5litre, 5 litre