Quick Drying Metal Primer

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Quick Drying Metal Primer

Quick Drying Metal Primer product name is Europrime 1 high build zinc phosphate based on a quick drying enamel resin suitable for mild steel. This product is for spray application however it can be brushes/rolled on small surface areas.


Key Facts 

Touch Dry 20-30 minutes

Over coat within an hour or after 4

Thinners suitable T1000 Xylene

Covers Approx. 8 square metres per litre (this does not account for the method of application, absorption of substrate or wastage)

Suitable for Metal and mild steel

Application by spray however it can be brushed on small surface areas

Shelf life - 12 months from batch date

Always stir paint well prior to using



Things to Know  

  • Mix paint well before use and check colour before use.
  • Make sure substrates are suitably prepared (lightly abraded and degreased)
  • This product cannot be used over a brushing, white spirit based enamel's as it will attack it.

If applying with an air assisted or air assisted airless system - Use a 11-13 thou tip no thinners usually required. If thinning is necessary use around 10% Set air and paint pressures until good atomization is achieved and fingering (lines in the spray) have blended in.


If applying with a pot gun

Use a 1:2 to 1:4 tip set up thinning by 10% if required. More thinners may be added to achieve good atomization to achieve better flow of the paint giving a better finish.