Swimming Pool Paint

We offer a wide range of paints to be used in swimming pools, as well as ponds, water features and other aquatic areas. Swimming pool paint needs to be resistant to water and chlorine, and fit for day-to-day pool maintenance. The most common types of paint used in swimming pools are based on Chlorinated Rubber and Two Pack Epoxy. Whether you choose Two Pack Epoxy swimming pool paint or Chlorinated Rubber you can use these paints for both under and above the water. Incidentally, Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a great solution for hydrotherapy or spa pools, including those used for canine and equine therapy. Animal therapy pools should be cleaned regularly with a pressure washer to maintain integrity. You can also opt for non-slip or anti-slip pool paint for certain areas, with high-performance multi-surface paints on offer at TA Paints. Swimming pools, the surrounding decks, enclosures and ceilings all require various coatings, and we can deliver for each. Our textured, gloss and anti-slip paints can treat anything from concrete to metal surfaces as well as the pool and any changing/shower areas. And if you need paint for ornamental ponds, paddling pools, baptism/blessing pools or water features, you'll find a solution in our range. Swimming pools must be properly built and well maintained to ensure they are safe and remain undamaged, and a good swimming pool paint choice is a fundamental component of getting this right.