Floor Paint

Having a painted floor is a simple yet effective way to change the overall feel of a room. It provides a tough, durable surface for people to walk on, and is fit to cope with high foot traffic while resisting damage from spills and dropped objects with ease. The aesthetic can be as bold or subtle as you want it to be, offering an attractive and versatile mid-sheen finish that can then have mats, rugs and other extras added on top for extra grip and a more complete look. The floor paints we supply can be used in applications like warehouses, garages and workshops, and should ideally be applied to a dry floor that is free from dust and dirt. Once you have cleaned, prepped and sealed the floor, it is ready for painting. When you choose your floor paint, you need to consider factors such as how environmentally friendly it is, what types of floor it can be applied to, the gloss level, the colours and how much coverage you can get from a single tin. It typically comes for wood, stone and concrete floors, so have a browse and choose your floor paint carefully.