Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Paints

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  • Premium Finish Epoxy Resin Floor Paint Solvent Free 3 in 1 Prime Seal Protect
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    • Application By Brush & Roller
    • Low Odour Extra Durable For Heavy Traffic
    • Suitable For Concrete Stone & Brick
    • Walk On Dry Time as Little as 24 Hours
    • 5KG Size(s)
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    • Free Delivery Available
    • 1 Sizes
    • 10 Colours

Solvent free epoxy floor paint is suitable for use on concrete floors where heavy traffic will occur. It is suitable for use on garage, industrial factory, warehouse, industrial kitchen and shop floors to provide a highly protective and hard wearing coating with excellent chemical resistance. It can also be used as a dust sealer for concrete floors. Solvent free epoxy is based on an epoxy resin that provides an excellent hard wearing coating once fully dry, with a mirror like gloss finish to concrete floors. Even though solvent free epoxy floor paints offer the best chemical resistance and protection from the elements, the colours may chalk and fade in external applications. For best results, two coats are recommended.

Solvent free epoxy floor paints are touch dry in two to four hours, over coat in 12 to 24 hours and fully cured in seven days. The pot life is 45 minutes once catalysed. The low odour solvent free epoxy can be used to fill cracks and holes on concrete floors. They can be applied by brush or roller.

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