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Floor Paint

Floor Paint is suitable for use on concrete floors where light foot traffic will occur. Perfect for use on home garages, factory walkways, warehouse and shop floors to provide a protective coating with chemical resistance also to be uses as a dust sealer for concrete floors.

This floor paint is White Spirit based paint which can be used on Concrete, Metal, Wood, Stone, and Brick floors which offers a good chemical resistance with This product is a high gloss finish.

This is paint is not suitable if you will be having vehicles using the area i.e. car’s, motor bikes and forklift trucks.

Like any painted surface when wet is slippery, we do offer a non-slip version which is a rough textured finish. Click here for our Non Slip Floor Paint.

Key Facts

• Touch Dry in 2-4 Hours• Overcoat in 13.20-24 hours

• Full dry in 7 days

• Two coats always recommended

• Coverage approx. 8 square meters per litre, we cannot be held responsible for the method of application, absorption of substrate or wastage.

• Suitable to be applied by brush and roller.

Things to Know

• Mix paint well before use and check colour before use.

• Make sure substrates are suitably prepared (lightly abraded, degreased and or primed).

• When applying to pre painted substrates ensure existing paint is in good condition and lightly abraded to provide a key for the new coating to offer good intercoat adhesion.

• If you are painting new concrete, it will be need to be laid for at least 3 months prior to painting.

Thinning Key Properties To Look For In Concrete Floor Paint

• Thinners required are White Spirit T000

• If thinning is required start 5% adding the thinners gradually do not thin more than 10% as the paint will not cover

• If you are painting bare concrete, you will find that it will be porous we recommend that on your first coat thin 20% to ensure this impregnates the concrete. Then after 13.20-24 hours apply the second coat un thinned.


Make sure you use a broom stick, mixer on a slow running drill or pallet knife that reaches the bottom of the can. Mixing should take place for 3-5 mins to ensure all the content is properly mixed to avoid colour and or drying problems.As our coatings are heavily pigmented separation can easily occur and you can have colour float, for example a green paint can seem blue before mixing, this is one of the reasons mixing your paint before use is essential .

Prime Colors

Clear Sealer, Gloss White, Gloss Black, BS 00 A 05 Goosewing Grey, BS 00 A 09 Mid Grey, BS 04 E 53 Red, BS 08 E 51 Yellow, BS 10 C 31 Cream, BS 14 C 39 British Racing Green, BS 18 B 25 Grey, BS 18 E 53 Blue, BS 105 Blue, BS 106 Blue (Blue Black), BS 108 Blue, BS 224 Deep Bronze Green, BS 226 Middle Brunswick Green, BS 227 Deep Brunswick Green, BS 538 Post Office Red, RAL 2004 Orange, RAL 5002 Blue, RAL 5010 Blue, RAL 5012 Blue Blue, RAL 5015 Sky Blue, RAL 5017 Blue, RAL 6011 Green, RAL 6018 Kawasaki Green, RAL 7024 Grey, Tile Red


1 Litre, 2.5 Litre