Machine Enamel Primer High Build Zinc Phosphate

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Machine Enamel Primer

Machine Primer is an anti-corrosive primer based on a polyurethane resin is for brush, roller, or spray applications.

Metal Primer can be used for metal and steel work along with many more applicaions. It can be used for both interal and external applciations to go on bare to already painted substrates.


Key Facts 

Touch Dry 2-4 hours

Over coat 12-24 hours

Thinners suitable T0001 White Spirit

Covers Approx. 8 square metres per litre (this does not account for the method of application, absorption of substrate or wastage)

Suitable for Metal

Application by brush, roller or spray gun

Shelf life - 12 months from batch date

Always stir paint well prior to using


Things to Know  

  • Mix paint well before use and check colour before use.
  • Make sure substrates are suitably prepared (lightly abraded and degreased)
  • When applying to pre painted substrates ensure existing paint is in good condition and lightly abraded to provide a key for the new coating to provide good intercoat adhesion.
  • Thinners suitable for this product is White Spirit T0001. If thinning is required start 5% adding the thinners gradually do not thin more than 10% as the paint will not cover. 
  • This primer is not suitable for bare fibreglass.