What Properties Should Your Garage Floor Paint Have?

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If you're planning to paint or repaint a garage floor, particularly in a commercial or industrial environment, it's essential to choose the appropriate type of paint. Standard wall paint isn't suitable, as it won't be tough enough to withstand heavy traffic, or oil and chemical spills. So, what properties does high-quality garage floor paint have?

What Should You Be looking for?

When shopping for paint for use on a garage floor, you should look for a product that is:
  • Suitable – Any paint that you choose should have been specifically designed for use on the material your garage floor is made from. In most cases, therefore, you'll need a product that's suitable for use on concrete.
  • Durable – The average industrial garage floor takes abuse on a daily basis, and shifting vehicles around on it is bound to cause wear and tear. Opting for a hard-wearing paint will ensure that your floor remains in optimal condition for longer, so you won't need to repaint it as regularly.
  • Water-resistant – Garages can often be damp and it's not unusual for water to drip onto the floor from vehicles that have been out in the rain, for example, or which have faulty radiators. Therefore, in order to prevent moisture from damaging your flooring, you'll need water-resistant paint.
  • Chemical-resistant – Most garages are home to an array of chemicals, including paints, varnishes, solvents and other solutions, and spillages are common. Therefore, if you want your paintwork to last, you'll need to choose a product that's resistant to chemicals.
  • Oil-resistant - Mechanics also use a range of lubricants when working on vehicles, including engine oil, transmission fluid and brake oil, so in order to ensure that your floor doesn't sustain damage if spills occur, the paint you're using should be oil-resistant.
  • Non-slip properties - Garages can be dangerous environments, so it's wise to do everything you can to minimise health and safety risks. Whether you're painting the floor of a commercial operation or your own garage at home, using non-slip paint will reduce the chance of accidents.

Buying Specialist Garage Floor Paint

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Image source: Pixabay