What Makes A Good Concrete Floor Paint?

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Choosing the right paint for your concrete floor is often more important than the rest of the design. The paint properties depend on what you are using the floors for and what personal preferences you have. The obvious wish of all our clients is for the paint to be high in quality and extremely durable. However, different situations make different paints the most suitable choice. Why spend a formidable amount of money on a paint you don’t need? How to avoid making the wrong choice while trying to save? Let’s take a look.

Suitability For Your Space

Each type of floor requires a special approach to painting. For example, single pack floor paint is moderately priced but suitable for light foot traffic areas only. Two-pack epoxy paint is good for heavy traffic areas but may not be safe for food storage environment. Solvent-Free epoxy paint is great for food storage.
  • Epoxy paint is highly versatile. It comes in different formulations; solvent-based, water-based and solid. It’s safe to be used in homes, offices, garages, food facilities, and more. This paint seals the concrete, making it last longer.
  • Two Pack Polyurethane paint is another choice for a concrete floor. It’s highly durable but more expensive than epoxy. Such paint is suitable for heavy traffic areas and outdoors. Unlike epoxy, polyurethane is not susceptible to UV rays, so it won’t turn yellow with time. Epoxy coating will offer better adhesion, so it may be worth using an epoxy on the first coat.

Moderate Price

The price of concrete paint is important, especially when it comes to big projects. The cost of such paint depends on its type, the manufacturer and the retailer. It also depends on how many litres you are buying since bulk orders are more cost-effective. It’s not recommended to opt for cheap alkyd paint since it’s not long-lasting. However, it may be a good solution for anyone looking for a temporary option. Single pack and two pack epoxy paints are usually fairly priced. You may want to choose single pack paint for low traffic areas and two-pack paint for high traffic spaces.

Great Appearance

The paint’s appearance is often important, especially when you are painting floors in public areas or showrooms. Different types of paints offer different colour options. Meanwhile, polyurethane enamel can have a high gloss appearance.

Protective Properties

Does the paint protect your concrete floor? Can it help withstand rain, sun, heavy equipment traffic, etc? Depending on the area you are painting, you may need the paint to offer protection against certain hazards or chemical spills. Remember, if a paint has impressive protective properties, it contains many chemicals and vice versa. Accordingly, you can’t expect basic water-based paint to be highly protective. So if you are looking for an eco-friendly way to paint floors which require protection, shop around for additives you can add to a sustainable paint base, or finishing coats you can add to the surface once it’s painted.

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