What Equipment Do You Need For A Good DIY Paint Job?

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Choosing the best paint is only part of the job – having the right tools is also crucial. Buying the right tools isn’t just important for the quality, it can also save you a substantial amount of time.
Let’s take a closer look at the equipment you should consider for your DIY paint job:

Paint Brushes

A paint brush is your most important tool for the majority of paint jobs. A huge variety of them are available on the market today, making the choice quite tough. Consider the material when choosing a paint brush:
  • Natural Bristle – the best choice for oil-based paints, polyurethane paints, and varnishes. These brushes don’t work with water-based paint since they get easily soaked and can’t hold the paint.
  • Polyester or Polyester and Nylon Blend Bristle – the best choice for latex paint and water-based paints. Consider the size of the brush. If you are planning to paint wide and flat surfaces, you need a 7 cm to 10 cm flat brush. If you need to cut in around doors or windows, you should consider a 5 cm angled sash brush. For paint trimming, 2 cm to 5 cm angle sash brushes are a good choice.


If you are planning to paint large surfaces, you may want to consider a paint roller as a time saving addition to your paint brush set. There are 3 common types of roller: 1) Synthetic fibre sleeve – good for acrylic paint 2) Natural fibre sleeve – suitable for all types of paints 3) Mixed fibre sleeve – excellent for oil and solvent paints Pay special attention to the handle. If you need to reach high surfaces, you may need a telescopic handle.

Masking Tape

Masking tape helps you achieve accurate painting without ruining the surfaces around the painted object. The most important factor to consider when choosing masking tape is its residue resistance. Simply said, this is how long it can stay intact once applied. Sunlight and heat can reduce residue resistance. Look for “one piece” or “clean removal” in the description in order for the tape to go off clean and not leave any residue behind.

Spray Guns (optional)

If you are planning to spray your paint, you need the right spray gun. Different types of guns are available for different purposes:
  • HVLP (high volume, low pressure) – the most common spray gun and also the most efficient in terms of paint use. Such guns use less paint per square metre, so they are excellent for low-budget projects. These guns work with the majority of paints and are known for low wastage.
  • Conventional – standard guns use air at high pressure to atomise the paint. They are best for paints with high viscosity or high solids concentration.

Dust Sheets

Any paint job risks making a mess! You need dust sheets to protect furniture and equipment which you can’t remove from the painting area. These sheets come in different sizes depending on what you need to cover.

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