The Importance Of The Right Concrete Floor Paint

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If you are not an expert in floor paints, choosing the right one for concrete may seem complicated. You must have heard about the good properties of epoxy paint, but probably don’t know about the necessary solids content? You want your paint to be durable. But do you really want to pay a fortune for it? Why is it so important to choose the right concrete floor paint? Let’s find out.

Endurance: How Long Will It Last?

If you choose a low-quality paint for a heavy traffic area, be ready for regular repetition of your efforts. You may need to touch it up in a few months or maybe even weeks. If you are painting a floor in a storeroom, you won’t need a highly durable paint since traffic is likely to be low. If you are painting the floor in a warehouse or an MOT station, you need to invest some money in a highly durable paint, which can endure equipment and vehicle traffic.

Special Properties: Non-Slip & UV Resistance

Depending on where your concrete floors are located, you may need the paint to have special properties. For example, places with heavy foot traffic can benefit from an anti-slip coating. Large storage warehouses also require floor markings to direct traffic and demarcate different areas. Covering the foot traffic areas with non-slip coating can help prevent accidents. If you are painting concrete outdoors, you may want to consider using polyurethane paint, which is resistant to UV rays. This means your paint won’t fade or become dull like an epoxy coating. Paint created specifically for outdoors is more durable and longer lasting. Any painted surface will be slippery when wet so, a non-slip finish may be desired.

Budget Matters: Fairly Priced Options

Overpaying for paint is common yet unnecessary. Buying the highest quality polyurethane paint for a small garage floor will not make it last longer than a epoxy paint. Trying to save money on the cheapest paints is just as common as overpaying. Buying cheap paint at a DIY store and using it in a heavy traffic area is the key to frequent re-painting and new expenses. If you are planning to paint a concrete floor, find a manufacturer or retailer who sells special paint for concrete. Ask for advice on what type of paint suits your project best. You may be surprised at how much you can save.

Abiding By The Law: Industry Standards

Different industries may have different requirements for the floor paint. For example, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) requires floor paint not to contain lead. The number of chemicals in certain paints may not be suitable for food storage warehouses. If the law requires you to reduce the chemical content, you need water-based or solvent free paints. Failing to comply with the law may lead to unfortunate consequences.

Appearance: Choice Of Colours

Not every paint supplier offers a wide variety of colours. Meanwhile, your project may require markings of certain shades, or brand colours. The importance of finding the right colour shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when it comes to warehouses, MOT stations, and large storage facilities. At TA Paints, we have a big choice of concrete floor paints for your projects. For more information about the importance of the right concrete floor paint, please download our free e-book: The Ultimate Floor Paint Guide