Stock Up For Your August Shutdown

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August is a quiet time for many businesses with employees on holiday or looking after children – so much so that a lot of companies shutdown for the month. We will be open throughout August and fulfilling orders as usual. So you can expect the same choice of products, response time and delivery window as for any other month of the year. As a paint manufacturer ourselves we don’t have to deal with any middlemen, so there is no risk of delays further up the supply chain which could impact your order.

Orders This Month

We are having a very busy July processing bulk orders for customers undergoing a full or partial shutdown next month. August is an ideal time to repaint floors and machinery if business is quiet, so industrial paints are in high demand. We have laid on additional capacity to deal with the increased demand, but we strongly recommend placing volume orders as soon as possible this month, to ensure completion by the beginning of August. If you might need additional paint in August but aren’t yet sure, stock up anyway! Our paints last for 12 months in a temperature controlled environment, so if you don’t use them now you will be sure to use them later.

Place An Order

To find out more please browse our product selection on our website. We manufacture a wide variety of specialist industrial paints and coatings in any colour and any volume. If you would like to place an order, please get in touch with one of our team by phone on 01902 428498, or by email at