Product Spotlight: Introducing Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

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Pools, artificial ponds and tanks require a special type of chemical resistant paint in order to serve their purpose for as long as possible. At TA Paints, we stock the highest quality chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint, which can be used anywhere chemical and water resistance is required. The most common use of this paint is for pools and artificial ponds made out of metal, fibreglass (suitably primer) or concrete. The paint doesn’t just reinforce and protect the swimming pool material, it makes it more aesthetically appealing. The thick, high-quality coating is designed to last for many years. If applied correctly, you can be sure the pool receives due protection regardless of the chemicals used to keep it clean. Our chlorinated rubber paint is an excellent choice for pool, tank, and pond owners. It’s also a wonderful product to add to the range of paints offered by wholesalers. Our pool paint is highly flexible and can be used for many purposes. If applied correctly, it can cover about eight to ten square metres per litre. The product can be applied using numerous methods, including brush, roller and spray guns. Our swimming pool paint range is highly water-resistant. It doesn’t just protect the surface from occasional spills and humidity, it can keep it safe even when fully submerged in water.

What Is Chlorinated Rubber Paint?

Chlorinated rubber is a strong yet flexible coating, the components of chlorinated rubber paint make it very hardwearing. That’s why it’s often used for surfaces that are subjected to heavy traffic and extreme wear and tear. Durability is not this paint’s only benefit. It’s resistant to chemicals, making it an excellent choice for numerous industrial uses. Chlorinated rubber paint can withstand exposure to acids, sewage, and alkalis. Chlorinated rubber is also resistant to heat and moisture. That’s another reason why it’s a wonderful option for swimming pools.

Other Specs

• Our chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint comes in a big variety of colours. • The paint has a thick consistency, which means fewer coats can be applied to achieve the same long lasting results. • The product is suitable for numerous surfaces, including metal, fibreglass, brick, and concrete. • The paint touch dries in about 40 minutes. Second coats can be applied after 12 hours.

High Quality Swimming Pool Paints from The UK

At TA Paints, we offer you the highest-quality swimming pool paints on the market. You can purchase any amount of paint from 1 to 1,000 litres. Call us today for great trade prices and fast delivery.