Preparing Your Boat For Winter

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Summer is on its way out and with September well on its way it is likely that we are in for cold, wet weather – which can take a toll on your boat when not in use. A working or pleasure boat is a long-term investment, and putting in some effort and time to winterise it is important in ensuring it will remain in a good working condition for many seasons to come. The tips below will help prepare your boat for winter.


Clean your boat

It's much easier to get a full view of the lower part of your boat when it's out of the water than when it's floating. A clean boat stands a better chance of resisting the harsh winter weather than a moisture-filled or dirty boat. To clean your boat effectively, jet wash the running gear and use more pressure when cleaning the hull. The lower part of the boat is known to hide various forms of dirt. Barnacles and algal growth on the props, shafts, struts, and rudders should be blasted off. Use clean water to clean the entire boat, from the lower unit to the topsides.

Painting your boat

Many boat owners disregard this step and wait until the winter is over to paint their boats – but painting it now ensures you have enough time to do all the necessary checks on your boat, fix any parts, and keep your boat resistant to the adverse effects of winter like rusting and rotting. Before painting, fix all visible damage and remove rust. Otherwise, you will be forced to remove and replace damaged parts that you had already painted. The painting process should be well thought out. The paint used should be of high quality and possess all the required marine paint properties. Start the process by using a good primer for a smooth coating. Worth noting, the ambient temperature should be approximately 10°C for the best results when painting in cold months. We are specialised in manufacturing different types of paint for various uses. Our marine paint meets the specified standards and it's highly recommended for boat painting.

Do an oil change

Changing the oil and the oil filters protects the engine from the corrosion caused by water and acid. Change the oil when the engine is slightly warm.

Flush the cooling system

Use fresh water to flush the cooling system to get rid of dirt, debris, and salt. If a cold snap is predicted, it's advisable to run anti-freeze through the cooling system. Flushing prevents corrosion.

Disconnect the battery

Disconnect the battery and fill it with distilled water to prevent it from dying during the cold season. Also, it's advisable to run the battery regularly throughout winter to ensure it will still be good when the boating season comes.

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Image source: Unsplash