Introducing Our New Commercial Vehicle Coating: Euroflow 2K Enamel

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At TA Paints, we are proud to present a new commercial vehicle coating. The new Euroflow 2K Enamel is the latest version of Eurocryl. We introduced Eurocryl back in 2007. At that time, this paint was one of the most demanded options for vehicle painting needs. Even though it was and remains a successful formula, we’ve decided to improve it. Our development team has reduced the amount of solvent needed to manufacture the paint. These days, low-solvent or water-based paints are big favourites due to their reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content. They comply with environmental regulations and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve decided to reduce the solvent content. Another reason is to improve the flow and ease of application for the clients satisfaction. As a result, paint application is simplified since there is no running. Euroflow 2K Enamel doesn’t produce the orange peel effect, which sometimes occurs when solvent is removed from a paint. Just the opposite, the finish is flat and smooth yet durable and long lasting. Why Less Is More These days, when it comes to solvents, less is more. If we go back to the 20th century, we can discover the origins of the current VOC regulations. Once the adverse effects of VOCs were determined, the movement to reduce ozone depleting chemicals took a new turn. Today, all paint manufacturers have to comply with certain rules on using solvents. At TA Paints, we have been following the regulations for many years. We make it our goal to closely watch all the changes in legislation regarding paint and the environment. Try Our Improved Formula We’ve tested our new and improved Euroflow 2K Enamel on numerous vehicles and achieved excellent results. We recommend you to try this innovative paint for your new project. We offer free delivery on orders over £200. Please call us to get more information about Euroflow 2K Enamel and other products today.