How To Determine Whether Your Garage Paint Is Durable Enough

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Taking a smart approach to painting a garage floor determines its integrity, longevity, and aesthetic appearance. The right paint plays a leading role in the process. High-quality garage paint should be durable enough to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, last for at least a year without the need to retouch, protect the garage floor from oil spills, chemicals, and much more. How do you determine whether your garage paint is durable enough? You need to pay attention to the following factors.

1) Paint Components

When choosing a garage floor paint, you may be tempted to go for the simplest option, which is Single Pack Polyurethane. This paint has a low price tag. However, it’s not designed to withstand heavy traffic.
The most hardwearing garage floor paint is epoxy. It’s an excellent choice for concrete floors with heavy traffic. Such paint is designed to withstand chemical spills and abrasion. If applied properly it can last for years.

2) Mixing Instructions

The quality of epoxy paint depends on the reaction between the resin and the hardener. The wrong ratio can affect the durability of the coating. That’s why it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Your paint supplier should be available for consultation to help you determine the durability of the paint you want to purchase for the garage floor finish.

3) Non-Slip Factor

If you are planning to use the paint on garage floors where spillages are likely to occur, it’s important to look for paint with a non-slip factor. These epoxy paints don’t just offer impressive durability but ensure the safety of workers and vehicles in your garage.

4) Application

A durable paint job requires a special approach to application. High humidity, low temperatures, and dirty surfaces decrease the durability of the paint while reducing its lifespan. Some types of paint require you to take certain steps to ensure a successful coat – such as a particular mixing time. When reading the label or data sheet, pay special attention to the manufacturer’s application instructions.

5) Storage

All types of paint degrade with time. Paint stored correctly in the tin will last six months to two years or more, but that time will lessen if the storage environment is too hot or cold, or if the paint is exposed to strong sunlight. To retain its properties, paint needs to be stored properly and not exceed the recommended expiry date. Check with your manufacturer if you are unsure.

Choosing A Good Supplier

In order to ensure you are buying high-quality hardwearing garage floor paint, it’s important to choose a respectable supplier. At TA Paints, we manufacture an excellent variety of garage floor paints, and are always happy to give you advice on which paint to choose for your project. For more information, please download our free e-book The Ultimate Floor Paint Guide.