How Do We Make Our External Floor Paint So Durable?

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When you purchase paint for external floors from TA Paints, you'll receive a product that you can rely on. Our paints are extremely durable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear without fading, or incurring chips and other types of damage. So how do we make external floor paint that's so hard-wearing? Let's look at the processes we use in more detail.

Our Methods

As paint manufacturers, we have total control over the quality of the products we produce and sell, so when you buy external floor paint (or any other kind of paint) from us, you'll know that it's been made using finely tuned procedures and has been subject to exceptional quality control processes. We make our paint in our modern factory in Wolverhampton, so we have the expertise and equipment on hand to manufacture products to the highest standards. We have an experienced team of research and development specialists, who take pride in coming up with ideas to improve the durability of our paint, and our production line staff ensure that the batches we produce are consistent every time. Our external floor paints have all been rigorously tested to ensure they perform to the standard you need. When finished, the paint is stored in our temperature-controlled warehouse, so that it's still in optimum condition when it heads off to our customers. This means that when you use our external floor paint, it will give you exceptional and long-lasting results.

What Other Advantages Does Our Manufacturing Process Have?

The fact that we manufacture all of our paint ourselves means we can adapt our offerings to suit your unique needs. For example, while most of our external floor paints are available in a range of standard colours, we can make one to your specifications if you can't find something in the shade you want. We can also deliver paint in any quantity and you'll receive your order within a few working days. As you'll be buying your paint directly from us, rather than through a middleman, you'll be getting it at a low price too. To learn more about the products in our external floor paint range, please explore our online store. We offer free delivery for orders over £200 and discounts are available for high volume orders. Please give us a call to find out more.
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