Can The Right Paint Improve How Customers See Your Business?


Although paint is primarily seen as a functional product, how you paint surfaces in your workplace, and the paints and coatings you choose, can affect how customers, visitors, and employees view your business. When choosing a brand of paint, there are many factors to take into account, the main ones being quality and suitability.

Selecting a quality paint that not only looks great, but also provides a good service life (avoiding the need for frequent repainting) is good for the environment as well as your business. The opposite is also true. A low quality paint, or one that isn’t suited to the task at hand (e.g. a wall paint used to paint a concrete floor), will quickly degrade and become an eyesore. This creates an instant poor impression on visitors, and makes your premises appear uncared for. Low quality or poorly maintained paint also exposes surfaces to damage, and you may start to see instances of rust on metal surfaces, rising damp in the walls, or rot on wooden surfaces.

The Importance Of Sustainability

Nowadays, being successful as a company is not just about personal success - more than ever before there is an emphasis placed on sustainability. Sustainability can mean many things, but at its most basic it is a commitment to take care of the resources you have, to reduce waste, and to use as few materials as possible to achieve your goals. In this sense, the type of paint you choose directly affects sustainability (even if it isn’t specifically an ‘eco-paint’), as a high quality paint does a better job, for a longer period, with less demand for resources and maintenance.

Not only is sustainability better for the world and society around you, but it also gives a better perception of your brand to consumers. Showing that a company has social accountability can even help to win over customers and, in the long term, save you money.

The Problem With Paint

Paint is created using a range of chemicals that can, if not used responsibly, negatively impact both the environment and personal health. If a paint has metal pigments, these are also potentially toxic and can have a negative impact. However, these compounds are only harmful if they are allowed to leach into the environment. When safely bound up in a quality paint with a long service life and a high reliability factor, the risk of polluting the environment is minimal, especially when paint application methods are carried out with due care to keep paint particles contained.

How TA Paints Can Help

TA Paints is conscious of the importance of environmental responsibility. We take conscious steps in order to ensure sustainability by setting ambitious yet achievable goals for our company, such as reducing the amount of energy used during manufacturing processes and reducing waste volume. If you are looking to improve your sustainability profile, keep your premises looking good, and create a positive first impression of your business, it starts with the paint you use.

Check out our range at TA Paints and find out you can incorporate strong and durable paints and coatings into your building maintenance and decorating plans.


Image Source: Unsplash