5 Steps To Choosing A Reliable Local Industrial Paint Supplier

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With numerous paint providers available in the UK and beyond, how do you make the best choice of supplier?

1) Personal Service

A local supplier is an excellent choice for customer service. Buying paint from a large national wholesaler may seem cheaper at first, but they lack the personal touch and attention to detail of local businesses with a local customer base. If you are looking for recommendations about which paint is the best for your project, a local supplier is the best option. You can arrange an in-person or on-the-phone consultation with someone familiar with the local area and the needs of local businesses.

2) Choice Of Paint

Once you have a list of local paint suppliers, narrow it down by asking about the type of paint they supply. From agricultural to industrial paints and from primers to topcoats, you should have a choice. Within these broad categories you should be able to choose from a selection of paints, including acrylic and one and two pack epoxy. A reliable paint supplier should have a wide paint type selection to help you buy everything you need in one place.

3) Choice Of Colour

Being able to choose the right colour is very important for some projects, especially if you are matching the colour to another painted area. Ideally, a paint supplier should have the facilities to mix custom colours for its clients, and not just sell the most popular colours.

4) Reputation

A good reputation is an essential factor for a local paint supplier. You can either ask around or look the company up on the Internet. In most cases, people who have been in business for some time know which local paint suppliers to choose and which to avoid.

5) Production Quality

The great thing about working with a local supplier/manufacturer is the ability to check the production quality to ensure it meets your standards. If you have a chance to visit the facilities, do so, especially if you plan to order in bulk. How large and clean are the facilities? Are they using the latest manufacturing technologies? How environmentally sustainable are their methods?

A Reliable Paint Supplier

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