5 Reasons To Give Your Garage Floor A New Coat Of Paint

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From scuffs and oil stains to dust and tyre marks, garage floors have a lot to put up with and a concrete floor soon looks less than appealing. While an unfinished garage floor is designed to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear, many people don't realise how quick and easy it is to transform a garage with a coat of floor paint. Painting your garage floor will not only improve its appearance but also offers several practical advantages.

1) Reduces Dust

Much of the dust that accumulates in your garage comes from the concrete floor. Every time the floor is walked or driven on, minute particles of concrete are worn away. As soon as you open the door, the draught wafts them into the air and will then settle as dust on any surface. Painting the floor seals it and prevents dust formation, keeping your car and tools cleaner. Because less dust is created and it’s easier to keep the garage floor clean, less dirt will be carried into your home and you will soon notice that it’s staying cleaner as well.

2) Makes The Garage Lighter

While matte concrete absorbs the light and tends to make the space darker, a painted floor reflects the available light. This means that your garage is instantly better illuminated without increasing your energy bills.

3) It’s Easy To Clean

Thanks to its smooth finish, a painted floor is very easy to keep clean. Just an occasional mop with water and detergent will keep it looking good - and because less dust is created, there’ll be less cleaning to do.

4) Protects The Floor

Depending on which type of paint you’re using, you can ensure that your garage floor will be resistant to mould, mildew and water, as well as oil and other chemicals. If you have a spill, it will be easy to clean up so you can bid farewell to unsightly stained floors.

5) It’s Non-Slip

Garage floors with puddles of water or oil spills can be a significant hazard. By choosing a non-slip garage floor paint, you can create a non-slip surface that’s ideal for any workspace where moisture and oil spills are likely to occur.

Ordering Garage Floor Paint

If you’re considering a garage makeover, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can transform the appearance of your garage by just painting the floor - you don't need any particular skills, anyone who can use a paintbrush and roller can get the job done, turning a drab garage into a space you can be proud of. The first step is to order the right paint for your project. If you need more information or advice about painting your garage floor or about the products in our range, click here to contact us. And remember, if you place an order worth over £200, delivery is free.


Image Source: Unsplash