3 Benefits Of Repainting Your Home Swimming Pool In 2021

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Over the past year there has been something of a boom in the home and leisure pool market. With plenty of time on their hands at home and money to spare from cancelled holiday plans, many homeowners chose 2020 as the year to invest in a new pool for their home.

With swimming pool ownership comes the requirement for regular cleaning and maintenance, and there is plenty of advice available on the Internet about the right chemicals and products to use to keep your pool in good condition. What is often ignored, however, is the importance of regular repainting with specialist swimming pool paint. In this article, we discussed three reasons why an annual paint inspection and refresh is a good way of reducing the cost of ownership of your pool, and improving safety and enjoyment for all pool users.

1) Prevent Leaks

A swimming pool leak can be difficult to trace, and extremely damaging, and most modern pools are designed to minimise the possibility of leaks. However, without the right kind of swimming pool paint to protect the fibreglass structure itself, it is all too easy for the strong chlorine to cause damage and create leaks. Using water and chlorine-resistant paint, such as Chlorinated Rubber paint, or Two Pack Epoxy, creates a protective barrier that keeps pools protected and can help to lower maintenance bills later down the line.

2) Slows Bacteria Buildup

Left to its own devices, a home swimming pool would quickly become a haven for bacteria, algae, and microorganisms, taking on the appearance of a garden pond. This can create a less sanitary swimming environment for those using the pool and can cause the pool itself to become damaged over time.

This is one of the main reasons why it is essential to regularly chlorinate pool water. However, choosing the correct, pool-safe paint is also an important part of reducing and slowing bacterial build-up, while still being safe for daily use and regular pool cleaning. This is important for painted surfaces found both above and below the water line and is a vital part of ongoing pool maintenance.

3) Improves Safety

Keeping friends and family safe in the swimming pool comes first in any consideration of maintenance and repairs. Adding a non-slip coat of paint to areas surrounding the pool is also an excellent way to keep everyone safe and prevent damage in both the short and long term.

What Next?

As you can see, choosing the right type of paint is a vital step in keeping your pool well maintained and usable, as well as increasing the safety of the swimming pool and its surrounding area. Check out TA Paints for all of your painting needs to keep your home swimming pool in great shape.


Image Source: Pixabay